Around the world, we have spent many years
with self-healing, in the 60s 70s we “wramp”  each other esoteric tried to tell about some visions and inner experiences we had, dreams we thought was totally weird and yet each had a sense of this internal networks of different self-healing techniques we should use well into the future, there were a many who had it this way.

They spoke more openly about astronomy and astrology in particular, we guessed each other's star sign and would "only" have a boyfriend who took care of one's own character, we were young in the flower-power time and also spoke of CO2 and a clean planet, vegetarian food and sexuality, we were free and thought we could "save" the whole world and ourselves.

Bob Dylan, Joan Baizet, Donavan and all the other great freedom-thinking revolutionare artists and singers made us young people who would "change the world" energy, while each individual had
some visionary experiences inside the body and natural cosmic experiences, it was not only infected by marijuana / LSD experiences ... ... ... when the individual was alone got the spiritual experiences for oneself.

We talked not so much about the private self-healing periods until much later, around 1995-96 was a global "wave" of a mass self-experiences and some people began to share and talked about his "strange" episodes and the people dreaming in the night, after which was used the healing methods he had seen in the clear dream up in the morning or were woken at. 3 night, how many subscribed or wrote down on a piece of paper what each had in mind.

1995 / 6 wave went as a hot prairie fire across the border from U.S. to Europe, etc. Then came the shift in the spiritual books and The New Age energy was here to stay, regardless of what people thought or said, now there was a huge crowd of all sorts of people from different class strata, almost no one was afraid to talk openly about their own visions and experiences of various people he or she met on their way.

Healing was a movement that spread
openly beyond the borders.

And why is that? What was supposed to so many people world wide who had similar experiences with young investigate similarities along healing techniques.

Has it anything to do with the future ... I'm talking about a hundred years or more.

Actress Shirley MacLaine: Going Within, A Guide for Inner Transformation, is just one of the many books she has written ... ... ... .... All the visions since she was young and the questions had indeed come from one particular source.


Her books help millions of people world wide, thethe individual know : ”I am not the only one”. That’s gold worth.


We have a media tool which is our own guide to heal ourselves, namely the ability and the inner consciousness that acts as a component part of the universe's resources and an instinct for how we can heal our own body when it hurts.

Healers around the world is a big part of the rest of the world population, we all live on this small planet, each with our differences to share the individual's knowledge, so we do not feel alone on this unique approach so we could understand besides the Hologram we send to each other, a
secular language, when they understand the meaning of.


Most scientists says are utopia and nonsense exists.. but we can not escape , The Power of the Mind, and Mind over Matter.

How much do we really
understand, the body can remember? Brain can store information from other lives? Is each individual a little mini-universe in itself? What is reality and what is fantasy?
If we are born with intelligence, there must be a hidden knowledge that becomes reactivated at some point in our lives, or we / some may read into their own DNA and read how individuals can heal itself. On a scale in relation to human development, because we (my hypothesis) about 200 years can read and change your own DNA code, with the built-in intelligence (perhaps in DNA) and retrieve all the info the
person needs.
In this century, 1900-2009, there has been a leap
Quant within our internal development and how we use The Power of The Mind, our own resources which can not be read in some books, which some have already written it are few, but many, many more will be available when the individual dare and maybe even create a publishing house, like James Redfield published the Ninth Insight, which was a mega success, how many people had experiences that could not be explained and interpreted, not to be ridiculed people could read it synchronous in this book, among other things.

Then there are the children of today have
their own knowledge which is natural and pure, they talk about healing, astronomy, climate change and that one day we can not stay here on our planet, they have a different insight into the new temporal explanation for why we "old" has been our vision and believe that healing is a part of the next generation lives and their children's children grow up in a world where there may be quite different natural disasters when they deliberately use their own vision for to develop ways to live in a world where creation is time-towns created by all the young people world wide, how many are aware of a joint project to tackle the climate changes are not just only the CO2 created.

Then the person's own means of healing heal itself, for here we have perhaps electronic viruses in the body quite other diseases as we have not seen yet.

Therefore, the power of a good tool for us to complete ourselves in interaction with our medical techniques and medicines, which the body becomes healthy in the fusion of both worlds.

HEALING is "forgotten" today include due to stress, where around. 90% of our diseases triggered by stress, a form of energy of emotions and psyche have not balanced because we are pushing ourselves into the recesses of the body has no more resources left, so says the body from and we begin to develop high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Here we return to the healing process in ourselves, where we obviously have to learn to stress down and may be ready again to heal ourselves, as we did in the past, perhaps many around the homes are still in their quiet moments when they think about it lie down and serious in 17 min. User self-healing.

Right now we are inside a stress wave, perhaps because we have been pushed down a little at a bottleneck because we have not lost faith in healing, as it still is a word which is not taken into the traditional world, although some in this world even believe in healing, but tacitly lets the energy flow in the dark, let it be in a time warp that becomes visible again when we have learned to cope with stress, which we have been because many of us are confused about it now works and give up again.

Take the time it takes (even in this stressful time we live in) and be serious also to heal itself, not superficial but go in depth as we did decades ago.

Once we have come through Stress, do we have to calm back by going into
oneself again, and further research into our home and use the resources we ourselves Do we have, it works.

The STRESS wave may come, in this troubled time, despite everything, we live in this moment, with wars, famine, floods, natural disasters, drought, as some of us had dreams of decades ago, which was seen with anxious eyes on us Therefore, I wrote up my time books, articles world wide and unfortunately there are some passages is happening now and in the near future.
Some of the new medical techniques I described and sketched in use, illumination of Parkinson 

and much more, but why should scientists take us seriously with the inner vision many of us have had the last many years,seriously??


Researchers determine shape and size of the contact area between vesicle and membrane by measuring colour intensity from flourescent molecules. Right: Vesicle marked by acceptor flourescent molecules that light up when close to donor molecules (left). Middle: A plot of the same, calculated FRET. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Copenhagen) 

Healing can be used as a grant of everyday life, the new cures for new diseases, healing is on the way thankfully comes an idea for us collectively,  many do not speak or write about it.

There is very positive in wait from the new young people who do not have the limitations that we have / had, for they must live with tomorrow's opportunities across borders and to think broadly and work in teams, how we can get the best out of our lifestyle future, it is through constructive sharing and wisdom whether you believe in their own visions
or where ideas come from, it can be used for something creative, then will create something unique.

It is my hypothesis, my belief in the future and in this now.

Have you thought about why many, many people have these visions, dreams, about things that do not exist and what it's for, is this true? Or is there a hidden order, we just do not know.

Why are there so many utopia in these times?

The answer lies in the individual.

By Ulla Runchel, Int author.
Photo: Alex Gray