Black holes

Article by / Writer Ulla Runchel




Via the small planetary parabolas, working as light receivers and emitters bringing the energy on through the invisible, cosmic energy strings, the light network controls the atmospheric disturbances, that might come from space. The invisible, energetic rays sort out the waste stuffs so that only the pure energy is converted into the crystal planet through its inner light fields. The parabolas work as small power stations in the universe; they have been developed on the planets where there is no sun and can light up with a force that is just as strong. Here they have learned to play with the gravity of light and actually both use and exploit invisible energy through cosmic impulse-oscillating vibrations to a pure light energy in its multiple spectrometric radiation via energetic, cosmic light. Our familiar sun may have been activated via the light force (maybe an essence from The White Divine Light) billions of years ago or maybe from another light force that lit and energized the inner crystal of the sun, giving it the strong radiation of heat, 6.000 centigrade, it has now. Its light force quota runs out in an estimated 4.000 years or later but who really knows?

One day, earthlings will find out how they can receive energy for their own further development via cosmic sound waves, directly from Venus, Jupiter or Mars. This will be the beginning of the exploitation of space energy. Energetic, atomic x-ray light is stronger than light, and the divine light has a totally different light vibration. A cosmic formula will come into existence in the black holes creating light in the cosmic cycle which is formed in the microscopic, tiny particles that are awaiting in space to be re-activated (the black holes cause their own annihilation via atomic x-ray light, emitted from chemical, cosmic light). The tiny particles that are lying in the mass of the black holes contain this microscopic, atomic neutrino-light energy in the nucleus that is activated by crystalline, blue, atomic radiations. The neutrino consists of chemical, cosmic light and is activated by pure light. Maybe this is the tender start to the birth of a little, new, activated planet and slowly the black holes are converted into a new mini-universe in the universe.

We did not fly very fast, giving us the chance to see a lot. We approached a ring of lights on the top of a mountain and landed gently and soundlessly. We were quietly brought into the light cone by the entrance to the temple. Over the door, it said The Light of the Soul The Soul of the Light. This had to be the light temple of the soul. Was it here that the souls stayed for short whiles? We flowed into the energy. It would be nice if it was possible to find ones own light which one had turned off, back at the beginning of times!

Research in Astrophysical Journal claims to have settled the debate about the origin of the light coming from "Lyman-alpha blobs" - enormous clusters of gas, such as this one captured by the Subaru Telescope. The team says the light comes from the heating of gas by supermassive black holes.