Hi Friends

I have been a trip to France, Saint Emilion
and I can tell you all how exiting it was.

When I arrived to the City of Flow, I was with my own matter of time, flow me to another dimension, I saw how the bible was written I went directly into the code system, between the lines. I read in the UN-WRITTEN LAW OF THE DIVINE WISDOM.

First I saw a HUGE ufo circling over the city when I was there, and the people in the huge ufo was my cosmic friends THE NINE, they was so humble and lovely the whole day and evening.

It was like I could be in the future-the past and the present, at the same time even when I was talking to my friend beside me, she has been there before and see other things from other life times.

I could see what happens before Christ was born and long before that.

And that is the big clue here, thus I saw something very interesting I will write a book about, so I will telling you in glimpses what I saw and felt that day 06/24/2007 Saint Emilion.

In The beginning of the time, where there was no countries on this Earth, no boarders and nothing else but, birds, animals, species etc. I was here and I saw how the divine and the cosmic GRAIL was connected in another form, in another way of energy, fictitious into the GRID of the Universe.

There is not only one GRAIL, there is many.

There is a planet out in the space where they are connected to another planet system where THE PLAN, is to teleported people from different human races: The Chinese, Japans, Jude’s, Arabs, Indians, Asians, India, Eskimos and Black people………to the NEW WORLD, THE EARTH.

Thus every country have their own home planet, we are here to understanding this.

THE PLAN was to see if the human beings could imbue understandings and accepts to each other’s and reconcile each other’s behaving.

The impetus was the cosmic insight everyone knew about before they came to The Earth and everyone knew about THE PLAN, it was an telepathically agreement to

THE PLAN was cracked because there was a master from another universe, he/she an androgyny energy couldn’t survive without the THE PLANs info, which could be a disaster on The Earths new beings called The People of the new World. It was WE.

Over the city was chooting stars and ufoes, the whole night, and it was San Juan also LOL, all the brujas and witches...flying all over the place in 3D.

It was a very special evening for me.

The 14th and the 16th century......where my story will beginn.....

A very long story...................lovies Ulla

Ulla, I'm always so amazed at what God and His Spiritual Energy gives you to share with all of us. How blessed we are! Can't wait to hear more of your journey. Thank you. Polly
Hi Ulla
I can't wait to hear more. I love to read your posts I don't always reply. Thank you for sharing so much with us.
Ulla, I had a vivid dream last night about "reconnaissance warriors"* coming to earth and putting people in a sleep state, hiding them and replacing them with their own "people"*

*The words to describe them are escaping me, but reconnaissance warriors seem to fit what I am trying to say.

I was interested in their process and not afraid for some reason.
Hi Linda

I think you have 2 different way to see into the past and into a glimpse in the universal law of karma and eternity.

You should obviously see something from another lifetime, or maybe you had something to do, with these people their did that kind of bad-karma, negative behaviour, which it is in this now, f or many of us 2007 (it is up to the individuals). karma is not bad/good. karma: work.

Maybe you could do something in your "dream" to heal or decode or help the pour people, so their transformation went with love, thus I feel you are a very lovingly and wise soul there have been many personalities through the timezones in many, many lifeforms.

Could bee a fingertouch to do a special u turning, so this negative behavior stopped.

Could be you was one of the persons, once and you have to go back and close your karma, feel for yourself Linda. You have a strong soul, their can transform from the past-future-and the present by your own mind, with your spirit and consciousness to finish or begin many spherical incarnations.

You have for sure many different dreams were your have had, different jobs to make by many incarnation in this universe to do "the final touch" by your huge wisdom to start a new beginning , for many groups on many plans and levels, concerning cosmic insight to the new incarnations. Or conclude it, with your light and wisdom.

So what you have seen here is, a glimpse of the cosmic plan with some people their wanted your help, in another dimension in another timescale.

Or just to fly into their consciousness and telepathically read their mind, through this way sending light and love, with cosmic insight. And what that is, maybe you know it??

Thus some have abilities to move into others consciousness and be partner to create and do many skills, telepathically, share and agreements.

Hopefully you can use a glimpse of my answer to you, thus I can only receive from my frequencies, it is also individual.


Love Ulla
By / Ulla Runchel…..from
www.shirleymaclaine.com E.B.