The Mystery of Crop Circles

  These new symbols having raged cornfields all over the world are enigmatic,  spellbinding events for us ordinary people. What do they really represent? Are they a sign from above that we will have to get used to new ages slowly flowing like waves into our consciousness re-activating our spirituality or cosmic insights resting in our memory?  If there really IS life out there they are probably with these enigma in slow-motion telling us about a change of a cosmic, universal generation. In pictures like crop circles they may try to tell us that the universe is right behind the corner, and that  many individuals on Earth are about to be connected to the  "spiritual" internet.

 People who realise that we are not alone in the universe know what these symbols are telling us. Millions all over the world have telepathic views of images and are consciously in "contact"  with other civilisations, so to them this is old news. The symbols show different cosmic conditions, for instance about the riddles of the universe, about the way we should  understand them, and about the fact that Planet Earth is part of the universal network.

 This spiral is only one image of the way our universes are created. Note the small "twin", which shows the existence of the parallel universe. It can also be seen how one of the centre suns of the universe is radiantly  lying in the centre of the Milky Way, the way this spiral galaxy is placed in the centre (whatever a centre is compared to the centre of the universe - which is where?) of a universe, how part of the super strings of the universe are scattered in the lot of galaxies of the Milky Way, to which all stars, planets, etc, are "clinging". According to my knowledge the super strings, the  gravity waves, and the streams of light came first, and then the planets were created inside these super strings in the big, cosmic cycle. Perhaps streams of waves and super strings, universal X-ray waves are light "void" of information, where the remaining cosmic beams/super strings are being used as the universal strings of energy, where planets are being born.

 The number of individuals - the number of opinions. Therefore it is exciting to hear what each individual makes out of this. Personally, I believe that there is a radiant universe out there, where they have a technique on a level completely different from ours, their aircraft/space-ships are built of special aluminum/niobium sheets. They may be like small transformation balls transforming the space-ship according to the surroundings, the atmosphere, and the universe, in which it is operating. Possibly their means of operation is the energy of light, no matter where they fly or float; perhaps they use helium, hydrogen taken out from the centre suns of the universe. Technically, space-ships are created so that they do not crash with gravity waves, which are causing difficulties for instance to the vehicles we are launching into space, i.e. they are being "thrown" back softly by an invisible space wall, we do not know yet, because our earthly space-ships are not yet good enough or sensitive enough technologically seen to operate through such counter-pressure

. The material of their space-ships may be so refined that they may break through the sound barrier, that our radar systems here on Earth cannot catch their signals, because their vehicles are made differently in a bio-energetically very high frequency allowing them silently and softly to  fly to Planet Earth without being noticed by anyone but the undersigned girl for more than their energy of light. It might also be that the vehicle has such a high light technology that they need not land or require cranes or other tools in order to be lowered and make these "prints", but just use a kind of light technology able to "radiate" a hologram, a light print directly into the cornfield, and expose the "print" through the emulsion beam. And in a nano second, i.e. a billionth part of a second, they have made a sign to us and flown back to where they came from.

 Perhaps they want to tell us and show us with this sign, this "cosmic life line" that very soon we are going to find  in our own DNA our connection to the huge universe, and that we all as civilisations are interconnected in one big cosmic DNA. Gradually we are about to be able to read our own DNA. When the new super computers have been developed enough, when they become refined enough for the new light diodes to read all the 3.000,000 genes, then we are going to have the answer, i.e. that our cells "stem" from other lives in other cosmic places. Here we can "read" the many signs of the crop circles and individually understand what enigma they contain. They are still a puzzle to us, and many people believe them to be humbug, i.e. they believe them to be made by human beings or by pilots pulling the leg of us here on Earth making odd flying operations leaving false trails. Or that individuals make them during the night. But those who understand and have received the message can see the difference.

 Unopened kinds of wisdom are hidden in the spiral of life. And it is so exciting….

 Ulla Runchel/ scificion writer

Til forside