The future human being is a fusion of technology and psyche


3003, we live in cars, which floating through the air 3 meters above us, "helium bubbles" the new trend, is a "must have" to get around in a way no one should hold for long car queues.

At the same time, while the future of people "floating around" in the air, they have some special glasses on, which is built into contact lens with nano technology, where they can watch TV, receive photos stream messages, from where we now must call while floating from place to place, which is encoded in the "bubble" flat panel displays which now is the bubbles backside, that is a guiding computer where you can code its destination place and a small microchip sitting in the right or left temple, a kind of LED component, a surface which can be put on and of, just like a suction disc.

Here you get all the information into the brain bark, in order to use its own eye sight as computer.
These special  produced glasses, which is part of the bubble, made of specially Plexiglas, with plastic fibre which sends current messages info into the car's internal surfaces that are optical super monitor.

So you have several options, one can in practice to sit and sleep, while the bubble fly you to your destination without the framework into the other, it provides a light sensor. As the time is so sensitive to light that the inductive feel, with the same record if the other is close to that already is encoded before you start, a little trip across the rooftops.

   There are already important user of gravity opportunities.

Our brain to the time can be stuffed with many different, nanotubes are being sent into our blood vein, to eliminate new diseases, to the time it will have been bio-electronic viruses in the body, through the invisible vibrations from all sorts of new nanotechnology with the cloned genes, etc., and then these nanotubes to be aware of that, DELETE all these new contrivance, invisible energies such as the genes are merged with the electrical radiation we of today, is inattentive on which we via the Internet purely bio energetic become infected.

One becomes aware that the invisible network as we have today, which is not visible to the naked eye, will be so advanced and "sensitive" to here, there will be something we have not "track" because we do not have the opportunity to see where viruses, "flowing" through in this bio-electronic networks www when we sit with the supercomputer's we are already on their way to produce, here will be out to "shield" the new LED components, to have eliminated all this in the future, so that in 3003've mastered these "leaks" in the components when the floating bio-electronic DNA and our blood plate
, etc., around the network www.
This one becomes totally out of the year 3003, here we started to make artificial crystalline transparent screens that can protect us from all new electronic viruses, which will receive atmospheric waste from bio electronic air pollution, through the invisible electromagnetic rays that  not can be seen but feel, in our bodies such as imbalances in the movement system, and the brain bark become infected with the electromagnetic exposures, of all the new computer systems that will be built into many houses, offices, etc.

These nanotechnology designed rooms, windows, chairs, tables,  only the imagination sets the  limit, to think of where you head for nanotechnology that there is no need to think or physical effort, other than that we will sit behind our "monitors "As a business card to the outside world, covered in all of these electromagnetic bursts from the exposures we have no control.

This will be the main objective in 2020, where we have to find new nano entomology, to measure up to how to conclude that our bodies and organs are infected with all the new technology. Here its to use different types of materials, we have approved in 2021, which now use LED components of synthetic diamonds. These could take all kinds of exposures, and encircle viruses, and the elimination of this energy to positive ions, and catalyst the whole lot into a supercomputer is at the moon.
Now can we come up with totally healthy people, because we now have quite different techniques, vaccines etc.etc.. And replacements of DNA is a commonplace.
We will have many different foreign in the body, so that we one day find it difficult to see the difference in who is the robot and who is human.
Synthetic vision, artificial heart, artificial lungs, artificial pancreas, artificial arms, legs and other bones can be replaced and you can spray liquid bone serum into disc in the bag, so you never get hurt more, and without it destroys the nerves which runs inside these disk.

We will be able to encode an artificial brain in a robot, with emotive voice, who give you a hug and keep on one that also could be used as a butler in your home, if you are lonely or disabled.

The robot will be able to switch on and off the light, open doors, retrieve diverse and much more, sing and move as your best friend, because I think when we now live or will live in Space Age, we also more and more away from each other, psychologically speaking, when we humans before replacement spare parts of mechanical origin, we will be more and more half man and half-robot.

At that time we can send a hologram of ourselves, so that the individual living in Australia are looking at a slide dias, of oneself, and one can thus talk, as if it was almost natural stands in the living room of the other, across the globe.

As we know  we have webcamon the computer, here we will be as little more advanced, by sending a copy of oneself a hologram, through the invisible light tread network that we now have a broadband network, but much more advanced.

The vast inside space time will enable teleported oneself even the place where people move a atom dust ( itself) from a cross point to another, far up in the sky, an entanglement of two light beam where the copy will be at home.

Then we will have free to use aircraft and jet. Here, then, can we fly through the air faster ........ at the speed of the light.

We will be able to use the brain to control our movements. If one has come out of an accident, the electrical impulses in a unique way to use "The power of the mind", the brain's own emergence strength to move the "matter over mind", to use the knowledge to manage the substance, that is one's own motion, through a chapel resolve optical fibre through a super computer that could be applied bio electronic impulses, and transfer it to certain nanomikrochips in the brain bark, through one's thoughts.


We are starting to use more of the brain opportunities, we use 8-10% now?, Has been here invented the code to one's brain capacity, where you can read genes in the brain, where the Latent info is, we can get plenty of new substance to upgrade ourselves with new fabrications and whole pieces of new ideas, for ourselves in our development in these new times PDT (photodynamic therapy) nanotechnology, cybernetics, genetic engineering, bioenergietik, virtual 3d and climate, etc.

It has now become aware of the unconscious, which is as unknown as the universe's black holes, here we find out there is a link between the universe and ourselves.

You find out we have to use the resources of the universe that we can live well on our small planet.

We will begin to construct entirely new buildings, houses, hospitals, etc., and we are going to need a total other building materials in the future, which will consist of a form of plastic / crystalline masses, which LED component could catalyst   the info back and forth, as transmitters of energy and beneficiaries of energy.

The houses we live in is ONE large supercomputer, which after the weather will only turn after the weather conditions, and atmospheric disturbances are different in the next 200-300 years, it must be to take a position on the year 3003, which is based properties that can "Upgraded" after the weather conditions.

So the house walls is a computer that will stand against anything, roofs are round, like plastic  / crystalline film version of the winds and the second will be "rotated".

The solar heat, cool down through unbreakable houses, even if they are transparent, so that reshaped heat degree automatically to the temperature we humans have the best.

Each house will be merged with the people who will live there. Before moving in, hold its palm up on the wall, and inner walls doing indoor after one's pulse and heartbeat, etc.

Some cities come to live under huge screens, which also rounds after wind and weather conditions, which by that time become stronger one today.
Once we get this far, our houses tanks regime, we live in a household computer, and the food are made, in our view images, we are now so healthy that we will be very hypersensitive to "disturbances in the air" rather has rooms where you can lie themselves into, and be "aligned" in the cells, etc. perhaps a room with infra blue light, with lots of upgrades, a kind of cleaning process, after a long day at / with the atmospheric computer systems, but now must sort through the idea.

Here we put into another room where you will be shaken through, as a kind of physical space( fitness room), that the bone system not lessened because you are sitting down too much, because everything is remote through the electronics and oneself.

4004 is on track to the bone/skeleton has become more crystalline, that we can directly send info into the crystalline cells, then we never get sick, never got electronic viruses as the crystals are not receiving electrical stimulation, they are sent into the atmosphere again, here we are about to be space people, has now invented UFO`s which can fly to other planets, Mars has long made cosmic congresses.

We are also more illuminating since we are much more excited when the pain in the body does not exist anymore, and the standard of living now stands at 160 years, we have been space people seriously and have already had contact with other civilizations, and receive many funny codes from the outside space. We have discovered many new suns system  and by now we are not only about living in space. And much-much more.


We will have many different foreign in the body, so that we one day find it difficult to see the difference in who is the robot and who is human.



Author: Ulla Runchel     Date: 28. august 2006

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