We are all coming from the same source, and then everything stopped.

By/Ulla Runchel


We are all coming from the same source, and then everything stopped. For a while, this small light particle we/US and ALL is outcome from is spread around the universe after the last Big-Bang, and these photons was coded with differences universal info by  a LIGHT source could be from our parallel universes, where we have our memory . Or “just” in this universe where we had to understand on our level, until we will be aware of parallel universes existence. 


And (us) the little photon was swimming in the huge universe, after a long ride, (we) were ending up at last on different planet clusters spread like star dust , again lots of big-bangs, collected like a puzzle again, and again...then and at last we/us all falling silently down here on the planet Earth, like star seed beings, and then after billions of years developed to human beings and then started to learn to live here. Like amoeba or others? A cosmic rebirth. Recycle. (A light particle/photon is a “star seed” my opinion) Or did we came here by UFOs??? From other places in the Universe.



After a long period we developed here on this Earth into different species and human beings, and one day (Billion of years) we "found" ourselves as a thinking human being, where we still have different memories and different way to behave. 


And up to this NOW (to do a story short LOL) we still have different understandings and belief, more than ever..........thus we are on a crossroad where the differences is huge, thus many of us can see what's happened out there in space and have opened the 3 eye, where other people haven't and cant understand this new behavior from, a sister/brother friend/neighbor partner/college etc....


Now the circles of gathering world wide is being larger and bigger, thus more and more the spiritual/cosmic way of thinking is a lifestyle that not will fade away for the time being, every day www,  somebody in the world will become re-activated into their inner awakening to discovered the universe and telepathically receive new topics and skills,  and exiting new theories about how the universe contains its all, or just a glimpse of it.

My hypothesis is; it is a never ending story, with now start and no beginning, its "just" a universe with trillions of BIG BANGS, could be on many levels....for me everything is possible.


In between before we obviously don't understand why and how their can live other people out there in the space, nothing in “my inner universe” is impossible I believe there is many planet system where other beings live and have other kind of DNA, where they have to do there skills and task their belonging to the huge universal puzzle, where those who live out there has a cosmic brick there fit in to ours puzzle into the ONE big universal puzzle.


I believe we have a finger print on many things, thus I believe we have lived before; we came here to this planet and its sun system.


Every moment we will be reactivated in our own memory, where the cosmic DNA is hidden, by this memory we can look deep into this we are attracted to in this life, and we get exactly what we is open for in this life.


To read into our own DNA is not the same to look out in the universe, or is it? It is up to the individual. Thus what we have within one is also around us. Individual we get the lesson and tasks we are ready for and have chosen from the (our)beginning of time when we decide to come into this universe.


Think about world wide, every single human being is a very special brick to the whole universal puzzle, and every single one have their wisdom and universal info to be a part of the wholeness by all the other around in the universe to close a cosmic circle of understanding, karma and acceptance.


Everyone have their abilities to change their “brick” again and again until all the bricks in puzzle vibrate on the same octave to the universes sounds of LOVE.


If this is the key code to hold the cosmic knowledge into a divine level of all understandings of the individuals opinion of what is The Divine?


We all contain the same stuff from the beginning, then it was spread out in the huge universe, of evil and good vibration frequencies……….and in this now we fight with the dark and the light vibration energy and should be fusion to ONENESS of LOVE and LIGHT, if we all agree.


Until that will happened we have so much to learn from each other, and learn that the individuals opinion is such as good as yours and he/hers opinion.


We are in a time age to collect bites and pieces from our hidden DNA from our own memory, to whom their not have ESP. Etc. To discovered the answers we have to learn before we judge others task, skills etc.etc.


We are near the 2012, and maybe some will reactivate new understandings and cosmic knowledge to create some wisdom to be on another vibrational state of their own consciousness to come closer to the core of the ONENESS we all are seeking.


And from that level of understand we will come closer to a universal understand of the wholeness, and closing a cosmic ring of wisdom in togetherness from all the universal beings.


If it is the meaning?


 From this point of view in the future we would be able to read others mind and DNA, to be a so called co-producer to change collectively the cosmology concerning our own DNA, and be a partner of creation of a universal network where we can telepathically fusion new universal info to its all, and this is also US.


Down to Earth, 2008 we are spiritual seeking people who esoterically in silence energetic touch each other to try to understand and learn how we goner deal with this huge unknown and unseen mystery we cant explain to everyone , just remember we are many world wide their know we NOT are alone in the universe.


Every person have a the book of their life, and all the books belonging to the universal university where ALL the beings their exists in this universe, are their names on golden plates with each of the story, there is written down before we where born.


And so on…………………….a never ending story.


 By Ulla Runchel, writer.