I have never had Near death Experiences, in this now I wonder WHY I can see through the universe, through the black holes and through matter and antimatter, without have NDEes.


Wondering why I was born like that, and wondering why I have so many drawings, article books about my cosmic insight, I have never write this before, thus it is not so important for me, thus deep inside me I know why. Sure you all know, the same way.


Sure we all know, we know, but still sure we  don’t know nothing yet ((LOL)).


When will we realize worldwide there is many more people there can see or have cosmic eyesight, as I call it.


When will the scientists realize the future people, which already are born have these abilities, to focus and zoom inn and zoom out, the dark matter in the black holes, not are where all the LIGHT cant escape, like a pocket in the wall of the universe, which is a door to another universe, etc.


We can write our cosmic insight and tell about what we see, and then leave it to the aftertime, where the future (light) beings the newborn children can understand what some people had to tell.


Wondering why it is so important to tell what we see from “the other side”, if people don’t believe it anyway.


So many new age books on the market, so many workshops and so many talks world wide, and conversations in many small and huge groups their wanted to know about those universal enigma. 

And still there is so many small fight and discussions about what is most correctly, who can see into the cosmic DNA knows that all have the right answer thus everything exists. No matter what the person can see. 


We living in a time age where we have open up for the cosmic insight more and less, and it is so exiting thus we are in the core of the exploitable way to knowing about the universal matrix, how we can use it, and how we can know yourself better, inside our own inner core of oneself DNA.


We are in the beginning of a new era how we can read into our own body cell structure, how we can read all our own question, thus we are apart of the wholeness therefore we got all the answers with in us.


If we can read in the LIGHT, we can tell about the wholeness. Thus it is there the universal information is. And everyone can flow in the core of the light and read the text. That’s why we receive so much different stuff.  


We read books, books, books I am a writer myself, LOL but in the very near future we will discovered and develop how we with our own power of the inner EYE can travel inside our own body, and SEE like an x/ray how we can re/create new DNA string, and HEAL and cure our own body. Even replace.


When we can see into matter, with our own mind, it will be MIND OVER MATTER, there can tell oneself how to discovered and be oneself re-searcher.


Why has the worlds healers still illnesses could be we forget our own abilities when we in hurry help others, and forget what we really can do, with the power of the mind to replace and heal yourself with trust and discipline and take the time is needed. Not “only” thinking of the divine-the white light-angels and all, not really do the job seriously, until it is totally finished. Thus too much stress, normally we are telling others, not to be LOL.


Wondering why we still doubt why we not 300% trust yourself or is it The Chosen Ones, or Is it the minority their will be cured or is it because we are lazy thus we are getting use to know we can do it when its in the last time, and then we do use our power of the mind, and do what we have to do, thus we know and trust yourself, that we really can do our cosmic job.


Maybe its because we are coming into this state, we are boring thus we have to many tools to use, and could it be we are waiting for some “miraculous ” tools to help us with “the final touch” the missing link to continue the key opening, there can show us the next step to our own skills to move on again, again.


Wondering when the future people in the world, make a conference with all their visions and share and compare, could be there was a “red thread” in the collective connection.

To create some extraordinary unforgettable world wide tools we all can use in the future, in association with the scientists, so they could carry on with new ideas and tools, for the mankind. The visionary could have some of the wise stone, the missing link and then the scientists would make the mathematically calculations.


Are we in the middle of the zero point, where also we in the alternative world missing something’s like the scientists missing something, to get the “whole picture”, are we following hand in hand side by side, waiting for the next step, the next light portal we all can receive more wisdom from, could it be that???


I am still wondering.


I believe, I trust and I have the faith in everyone and everything, thus everything is meant to be.




Just my thoughts for the day.


Thank you to Erling, for this website.


Lovies to all, Ulla Runchel