The infrared color stream, receive the bad waste/illness back to the lamp, from the body.

This illustration is showing how we goner be using positive radioactivity in a POSITIVE way, by treatment of cancer and other illnesses (this is my hypothesis) in the future.  

We ourselves can remote our view and TELEPORTED our ethereal body, by the power of the mind, to use this PDTI therapy.

  1. Lie down on your bed, while you do this healing treatment; use the power of your mind.
  1. Relax and listen to Mozart or other softly music, their make you in totally balance in your body soul and mind, to mastering the healing process.
  1. Then look at the illustration and visualize the Diamond/crystal scanner transform the energy to you.
  1. The special with this radioactive scanner, they can shift and transform different INFRA BLUE-INFRA RED-INFRA GREEN colors there will reshape the negative radiation from the radioactive beams. Exactly what your body need, by your own power of the mind, the scanner can read your body what kind of COLOR TREAMENT the body need.
  1.  It is the different colors there radiate and does the PDT treatment in the body, and eliminate blockage and re-constructed the cells.
  1. Imagine by using your fantasy to SE yourself now in a huge BLUE color light surrounded you, when you mastering your mind to remote your view and teleported yourself under the scanner and then you could SE your body transformation by the infrablue color, there radiate inside the body and stop when and where there is a blockage, when the blue color have upgraded the blockage, its radiate to another point where there may be another blockage etc.etc. Then another color red, green or yellow, lilac to ending the treatment, the scanner know exactly how much of each light color beams the cells needed etc.
  1. Inside our body we have a bioenergetics network, like we have the meridians network when people do acupuncture.
  1. The bioenergetics body has many charkas , in this network inside these “bioenergetics tunnels” radiate the scanner the color stream and re-place new energy with info into the body.

9. And the therapy have taken place, by your   own mastering to remote your view and teleported yourself under the scanner, a visualization technique we all can do, under a meditative state. When you listen to beautiful music in a wonderful atmosphere.


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