By/Ulla Runchel
Translator: Inger Weidner

The most famous and largest of over eighty pyramids constructed during that time are Khufu`s pyramid of Cheo

Looking towards Khufu's Pyramid an area in the forground shows
where blocks of limestone have been quarried.


For quite some time I have been wondering a lot about the history of ancient Egypt. How did this enormous empire manage – one thousand years ago – to build a civilization so unique and with such a great astronomical and cosmic insight and use this insight in their day-to-day life without getting it wrong? 

The gods were very masculine whereas the goddesses were more down to earth, their way of thinking helped to build this empire in all its complexity. 

We are all very curious to know how they did this. There is no doubt that thousands and thousands of Egyptians wore themselves completely out because of the hard work and slavery in those days. 

There must, however, have been some superior human beings, who knew about the cosmic formula. For the magic powers that are so evidently present throughout the whole, enchanted story of this Unique, incredible and unmatched people. 

They were able to perform exact measurements according to a mathematical order where we in this day and age have to rely on computers and other super-modern instruments to get any results. Remember that at in those days the tools were not nearly as sophisticated as they are now, and we still have difficulty in matching these works of art. Imagine, just for a second, that we had to build an empire like that with the tools; they had at their disposal!! I think, we abandon the idea long before we even got started. 

The Egyptians must have had a special “drive”, which enabled them to build these pyramids, which are some of the worlds most puzzling architectural creations. This special “drive”, where did it come from? 

My hypothesis is this:
Several of the queens must have had an inherited cosmic sight and knowledge, which they shared with the wise men and the kings.  A COSMIC. 

Photo: Djedi, who could  bring people back to life (afterlife?) He was a KHUFU-magician. 

Inheritance ran like a fire through the memory-bank of the sole, and the were able to draw from a never-ending , ancient knowledge when building their pyramids and their burial chambers. 

They used this cosmic knowledge and “messages from the gods” for their astronomy.(and who were these “gods” then?) 


OSIRIS was a gift from “the heavenly” with an inborn knowledge of the mysteries of the Ark of the Covenant and “the stone of wisdom”. Several persons of the 18` dynasty had the same gifts.
It was closely borne in mind which of the kings had the knowledge to construct the “underground of the pyramids” 

I realize that the hidden “room of light”, the power of light, the measurements of sound able to move astronomic calculations, bio-genetically inseminations, the amalgamation of the alphabet of   earthly and cosmic power and mathematical formulas still has not been found – not in Khufu either.
This “room of light” in which invisible, healing photons of light are able to teleport huge blocks and enable time-travels to Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius. 

Beneath KHUFU is a room, which contains the power of light and a fully equipped laboratory able to manifest the works of cosmos from the Orion-belt, the technology of Sirius and the sound from the Pleiades. By means of cosmic x-rays the techniques of conveying of sound and teleportation of light are made possible. Techniques of which Isis might have been the main power. 

A PowerStation of light with techniques 70.000 years ahead of its own time, techniques only known by the Egyptians, was buried under the Pyramids, but where? It could be far from the vaults of the kings, underneath which you can find these unique labyrinths all over Egypt. 

When the time comes, where scientists have developed instruments for atomic measurements (that is: using the power and resources for measuring controversial power) it can be established where all the hidden vaults are. Every single one of the kings and queens has had their own “PowerStation of light” installed under their grave- even before the grave itself was built. 

A cosmic hologram of a column of light, through which you could penetrate the time-sphere and time-zones and reach other universes was buried under ground. A network of light that consists of an asymmetrical, underground sea of light with different destinations in which the sole is able to wander from one world of light into the next. 

In the future we will be able to find these “bio-energetic, cosmic graves of light”, each belonging to a certain king. 

We are nor even close to revealing the secret that will upset the history of the world. Many years will pass before we get closer to the secret of those graves. 

When the time comes, you will not be able to visit the area, because it will be highly protected by the Egyptian government.


The hidden “temple of light” beneath KHUFU is so unique that most of you would say this is pure science- fiction.Yes – maybe for another lifetime, bug this is my hypothesis.


 Queen Hapthesuht was aware of this cosmic insight and she possessed  a  universal  power  so strong  that she knew  that by clicking  her fingers, she would be wrapped in this insight and wisdom. It was as if she was aware of the art of  the technique of transportation already at that time. She manifested this in her own secret room, and working with those with the same genetic wisdom they explored this technique.

She was also capable of  “remoting her view”, which I would call  “optic”, so she could see through time-lines and time-zones.  

This is where she got her techniques, and her telepathic abilities, that she shared with 3 other people in her lifetime. Isis might have been one of them

 Here is Isis: Queen of heaven.


I am wondering about the incarnations these gods and goddesses, kings and queens. What did they signify? 

What existed  before year 0?  who lived on this earth before Jesus? So many questions to which I would like an answer. 

 The old scripts and the Egyptian tablets etc (provided we have been able to translate them correctly) do not mention anything about anybody possessing  cosmic power, that techniques were brought in from “out there”, that they mastered the telepathic thought, that they “spoke” to the gods.
Would it not be just as possible that they had a highly developed ability to draw on “old wisdom” from their own earlier lives? They knew, they were returning to the “gods” as we like to call them.
They were not going back to Sirius,Orion or the Plejades, which are the only three planets mentioned in the bible.


Foto: SETI  11

 I believe they had a special cosmic network within them enabling them to connect telepathically through the power of the thought and their own power, avoiding the spoken language – and create something together like these “temples of light”, which  will be found some day and which I visualize beneath  the KHUFU PYRAMID. 

If you “read” the pyramids, I think there will be scriptures telling us about immortality, which means there was an awareness ( knowledge) of  the power of light, colour and sound through a universal,mathematical alphabet, which we have not worked out yet.


I believe the ancient Egyptians were very wise but they also knew that their knowledge had to be “buried” with them. We have to reveal this knowledge once again, but I think they were 70.000 years ahead of their time so my hypothesis about us finding these hidden “chambers of light”, which might be situated far from where we think, may just be an Utopian idea. 

Thutmosis 111, probably the most powerful king ever I Egypt 

Which are the secrets, he –and his equals- hold? Which secrets have been buried  with.
him? Has he been involved in the construction of these labyrinths in “the underground”, which was part of another world, how many enormous treasures of gold  - mountain-sized- will be found?

It may be hard  to understand where these enormous lumps of gold came from but they are described as a kind of transformation –materiel, a product of the most divine alchemy. A binding materiel so to speak. 

Why was there so much gold in Egypt? What exactly was it they were able to do with their magic formula? Where did  they get  this knowledge?  -Only the gods know!!


Maybe most of the tombs had an entrance like this, but maybe the most  holy places from the 18th dynasty are to be found somewhere else, maybe the intention was to misguide us, the descendants, so we will have to arrive at a much higher level in our evolution, before we will be able to find the most precious treasures the world has ever seen.

I think, we have to look somewhere quite different, maybe consult some of the ancient maps of the stars………follow the labyrinth of astronomy from Sirius, the belt of Orion and the Plejades , compare it to our system of planets, which we have right above us in order to find what is right beneath us. Who knows??……Everything starts with a thought. Do we have to dig in our own minds to learn only a fraction of the thruth?


Left: Hekat in her human form;    Right: Anubis in his human form

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