August 11, 1999  "The Cosmic Cross"

 Three eternities ago we had the latest elevation of the divine life energy in our seven universes, which perhaps is one big universe with flowing passages or cosmic borders - seen from the outside it is obvious how this Christ energy has again been flowing into the universe in order to elevate all of us living on various planets and in different civilisations. It can be seen how the energy microscopically believes the UNIVERSE with a new luminosity which regenerate, re-activate new life cells  in everything being. Everything is being "elevated" to a higher and brighter frequency octave. Those unconscious of this energy are lying dormant until they become conscious about its strength - then the stream of energy can be re-found and the ability to lit the light in one-self can be found.

 Earth, our planet, is a tiny little piece in the entire, big jig saw puzzle completely fitting  into the cosmic plan and unity. 

On this special holy Wednesday there are a lot of ideas and insights as to  the many people all over the world with worries, anxiety - strange, awaiting energies flowing through us - why all this confusion? The energy can be turned around, and we can rejoice at the inspiration from the innovation from above manifesting in all of us, silently and softly are we being transformed into radiating individuals the way we chose ages ago, but deleted from our memory leaving us as only partly human beings lost within ourselves. If we raise our eyes to the universe, go exploring, we realise the wonderful kinds of wisdom awaiting each and every person, this gentle Christ energy generously flowing through the  entire universe and elevating everybody at the same time, each corner, each small cell in human beings and in  the UNIVERSE - everybody is comprised by this, we are all together, we are all being improved and re-born in the energy, this Christ-blue healing, divine strength of wisdom, the essence of the white light, which is being put into complete balance, when the cosmic cross is standing in the centre of the universe, like the astrologers tell, that certain planets in this exact moment appeared as a cross out in space, the womb of the universe, we are being born into the new phase of the Christ energy, which will be to our advantage in every way.

 With this quite unique vibration we may be able to re-create everything we need; everything we do on the basis of a pure heart is bound to succeed. If this kind of energy inside ourselves is being used and found again it will be possible to re-activate with a new luminosity all the good abilities. It is ready and just waiting to be used in our interior - we can find this little flash of light and make it grow to full luminosity and have our soul and body radiated to the point where nothing can touch us, nothing negative can penetrate our cells with the luminosity that will be eliminated into positive energies.

 Instead let us rejoice at this new beginning of  the awakening of life to higher horizons. We have all been enriched with a luminosity giving us a feeling of returning home to a gentle, calm, silent, peaceful, heartily, humble, loving, understanding homely quiet acceptance of the unity of the human cycle. 

It may be that the interior disasters, landslides, congelations, burns, floods in our own body need to be balanced. It may be that "the end of the world" can be interpreted multifaceted  - like the shaping of a raw diamond making it shine, radiate, and beam  into all corners of the world - radiate. The human body will also "end" if we do not find a deeper meaning with our connection with everything. We are a micro-cosmos  to be gathered and healed in accordance with the pulse of the universe, our organs and cells must be nursed and  looked after in order for us not to fall apart  and be expelled. Each time we forgive we get closer to the understanding  and to an easier acceptance, and from there our body, soul, and spirit automatically get elevated and healed in accordance with the unity.

 That could be the idea with one's own "end" - anxiety over an unexpected shadow passing over human beings, and the uncertainty that is flushing over like a scaring wave of life creating anxiety of the unknown, frightening us and making us afraid - then we should be able to open up our own channel and move out and up into the universe to see how all planets, stars, super novas, and a lot more are infrangibly inter-connected in a unity. The anxiety of human beings will disappear simultaneously with the raising and the view, then there will be understanding, and light will flow eternally through us, cleanse us, and make us feel safe and secure again. If we open up for this infrangibly flowing, divine light energy nothing but good will come to us.

 Again the cosmic cross will have enriched us if we will accept it. It is an individual decision whether to open up one's heart or let one's body rest, be at ease until one is ready for the vibrations of  new ages. We receive at our present level and at the speed we are prepared for. It is all around us out there, the planets are radiated with the new light, the universes have received a new elixir of life for us to drink whenever we want to - the most beautiful of everything. Thank you.

 Right now the time is 11.30, and we are waiting for the solar eclipse, which can be transformed to a moon elevation of sunlight to Earth - the trinity beautifully melted together with the cosmic cross in a flash of life, so that we can have a bit of the true understanding for new inspiration, if we should wake up. Cleansing - everything outside is silent, the waiting of the sea, while cars and human beings continue their usual beat, the work of the day must be done while the forces of the universe silently move over our heads, moving and in a silent current.

 Also the white shining light frequency of the sun has changed. It collects our cells to a centre of light in the very self creating new optical crystalline cell salts in our bodies. Via the sunlight we become re-inspired and creative of visions of new ages being gathered to a new understanding of the radiance of the universe, of roots, of all kinds of wisdom to fill us up in order that we may be inspired to paint, write, laugh, dance, sing, and  a lot more - only our own fantasy can limit how far creativity will take us - by means of the flowing energy substance of humour we are going to create something very new.

 Humanity will become the spectators of the beginning of new ages. We are incredibly privileged that we - the born-agains  at this time - may have the chance to be part of these special fireworks of multitude of the early stages of evolution of life itself on a spiritual, cosmic level. The new penetrating light will open up for other dimensions inside ourselves, we are going to be "enlightened" in the oscillation of light. On this beautiful day the cosmic soul is sending us beams of light  from the sky as small gifts, and if we are conscious we shall be able to receive them eternally, until the energy little by little has faded away, and our new work -  evolution - can begin with the strength of light to the beat of the soul and the spirit, the musical tones of  the universe, inside the very self. Make sure that the early, colourful impulse oscillations of the new creations are alive.

 Vibration - the divine energy, is now flowing through the entire universe, or all of the universes, until everything have been enriched with the energy, gently and silent the way it arrived, flowing on softly into other universes to which we do not belong - universes in excess of the seven ones here, and believing in their new universes with a renewed elevation. The universe is only receiving what is required, it is conscious with its own existence and demands.

 It is going to take eternities until we are going to be re-elevated with this strong, beautiful, unique, wonderful, divine energy of life - we cannot live without it. If our cells are without light, life cannot exist, we shall lie dormant until light will glance again, and new life will arise.

Ulla Runchel-  

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