Photon Energy

Presentation of extract from the article “Photon Energy” by ULLA RUNCHEL


“… These light particles are filled with information, from the universe's depth, and which we encode in our brain structure and our ventricle after our emotional register having "refined" their info to be stored in the heart inside …”

PHOTON ENERGY, as I "see" it:  light energy that affects our most internal eye lens externally and internally, our pineal gland that is in the middle of his forehead - the "third eye". It is the optic gland accepting all the light-inflows of light particles which "float" about out in the atmosphere around us when we look up at the sky on a sunny summer day and the sky is blue. Then we see the small light photons dancing and floating and bouncing around when the light shines through the small crystal particles.



The pineal gland - connected and depending on the light. Some reptiles (e.g. the iguana) have a physical
eye-shaped pineal gland. Interesting that researcher and philosopher Descartes claimed that the pineal
gland (shown behind the eyes) linked humans to the non-material part of the universe, the mind.


       These light particles are filled with information, from the universe's depth, and which we encode in our brain structure and our ventricle after our emotional register having "refined" their info to be stored in the heart inside. Here we gather the very best info-light streams we need to have. The air is filled with them, these photons which also solar storms have just been "thrown out" in the universe and have reached us via the invisible gravity waves that are crisscrossing through the universes.

       This affects our physical body and psyche, so we are staggering around trying to walk "upright" and have balance in our lives at all 3 levels - the human-, soul-, and spiritual level.

       In a period of electrical storms on the Sun by which the Earth's living creatures will be showered in particles from the discharges, we who are working much on the spiritual level can often feel a little "overexposed" and see many small points of light in front of your eyes, and feeling a little dizzy or a little confused in our thinking.

       For this, there is an explanation, since we in the process undergo a raising of our cells, once again - and then we become influenced by these light flows by which radiates through our body. Thereby we cannot gather our thought’s vibrations by our own "wavelength", so we must again find our soul-core so that we can get the new, actually loving healing light streams be encoded to be places in our brain structure, so we can get back the balance in our own system.
       And here we must again work with the love that heals EVERYTHING, love is life's building blocks, the universe’s component for all LIFE, the highest form of physical contact with ourselves and others, in order to balance positive and new energies in order in ourselves.

       Solar storms affects me always and it is not because I am aware of them but the last time we had these powerful eruptions of the sun's inner nuclear power, where it was as if the sun gave birth to a trillion of new particles, I had it the same way. Now I know what is happening out there far away from Earth, but because we are connected like pearls on a string, in a giga-mega-wide network, we are quite surely also affected when the sun has outbreaks and disperses seeds of light to all of us who are so dependent on this planet.

       The light is indeed packed with info, it is via light rays through the photons where all these small light particles are being teleported through the universe when the beams cross each other's point, and it is here the info is encoded in a split nanosecond. Universe dust particles, which have lain for eons of time, become "pollinated and fertilized" by the color flows that have long lain dormant out in the cosmos and waiting for this "pairing act" of crossing point's ray of light’s color info, it must be there info also contains a mass of light in the light nucleus.
          The light’s beam helps to expose the image flows and info in the small particles, which we humans receive in our consciousness. ...

       These light particles are the ones we all breathe, down here on Earth - are to be absorbed into our body and cells, this I will call "spiritual universally" food - we cannot live without. We all come from the same building blocks, only distributed by the different "building parts" which are forming a complex type totally individually in crossover molecular structure.

       There's so many "upgrades" in the universe, as I said earlier, we walk around as "half people" a little beside ourselves, a phrase we use often - it's because we, among other things, can be inside this light transformation, and when we go through with it, we are not quite ourselves, are more tired than normal, and off-concentrated, we have no peace on us, etc. This will again be restored, if you're one of those who have it in that way and it is perhaps because YOU are conscious and influenced by your own transformation - a raising via your cells - and in personal development on a three dimensional plane.

   Ulla Runchel  - copyright © 2006 by: Ulla Runchel


(translation by: Ove von Spaeth, )