RAY EYES         

My name is Ulla Runchel. After having read the article, "Russian with X-ray eyes surprise Danish doctors" in the Politiken of February 12, 2004, by Dana Schmidt, I felt an  uncontrollable urge to cry and be happy at the same time. And here is the explanation:

 As a little girl I was able to see for instance through walls, solid things, and I could see the thoughts of grown-ups, but I never thought so much about having this double view as a gift I had been born with until I turned well over 14 years of age. By then I had my first period, and I was able to look into my ovaries and my uterus and see a gland looking like a small ball of blood that had started to grow, and I did not quite understand why.

 We were playing in the big beech trees in a wood near by, we were playing tag, and  although we were not playing high up in the trees the idea was not to fall down. I did that anyway and hit my coccyx hard, and realised that I was bleeding.

 I was bleeding all day, and finally I had to tell my mother - in the year 1963 a girl's period was not a subject for open discussion.

 Between each period I could see in the uterus/ovaries when the ball of blood was growing, and then I knew that my period was coming up, and to me that was normal - until one day when I told my school mates what I could see and they told me to stop talking about such hideous things.

 Tom, my only real friend in school, understood what I was talking about. He was a so-called blue baby. Unfortunately he died at the age of 14, and from now on I stopped talking about the fact that I could "see through the body".

 Years went by, and I did not use this "double view" so much, except when I needed it for myself, and it did help me through many incidents of my life.

 But when I met my friends and acquaintances with anxieties or illnesses and also if they just needed to talk to somebody, I could see right through them and tell them that nothing serious was wrong, and if it was I asked them to see their doctor because I cannot make a diagnosis, but I can see the frail oscillation of the organs, so I could ask the person to have a doctor check the guts, the head, the liver, the kidney, etc, and in this way I could help in disguise.

 I did that until my 42nd year, when I met some wonderful people, who understood the alternative world, and now I could slowly reveal how I saw  individuals. Little by little I began to help people like a "wise woman" and to draw a picture of their organs.

 Once two women came to my home. They were identical twins, one suffered from blood cancer, and she had consulted Dr. Hector Veleda Gambis, a brain surgeon from Argentina. The first time I met her I made a drawing of my view of her blood platelets and liver on two pieces of paper. After a while she returned to me, now with her sister, and they asked my what I could "see".

 I took out another piece of paper and again I made a drawing of her liver the way I saw it and looking like an X-ray picture. With an "X-ray sight" one can look into the tiniest cells and enlarge the "optical sight" and reduce the "X-ray picture" again. I gave the drawing to Rachel, and she brought it to her doctor.

 This time he asked Rachel and Martha, her sister, "Who has made this? I should very much like to talk to this person."

 When the two sister came to my home again they asked me to meet Hector. And that meeting became a turning point in my life. We talked and talked, he understood what I was drawing, and he could tell me what the drawing pictured.

 From then on we started working together (I live in Spain). I was an interpreter and was "used" as an X-ray device. Each time he had a patient I made a drawing of what I saw. Prior to this people were asked their permission, and since a lot of people knew me and felt safe with us, we worked with the tools I could provide, and almost each time a patient had had real X-ray pictures and analyses made these were corresponding to my drawings.

 We started a co-operation, and I worked at the clinic two or three times a week. We talked a lot about my abilities, my X-ray sight, as Anni Lind of the Annisvital Shop of Fuengirola  told me it was called, when once I actually started drawing a kidney without knowing in details the way it worked medically.

 Because I can look into the body I can also see the different organs receive energy, healing, and healing in many different ways. Also the function of the organs, the blood circulation in the veins, whether it is thick or thin, if the inside of the guts is slimy, if  there are infected diverticulums, etc.

 For a long time I had seen when I woke up in the morning  new ways of healing via light-colours - what I call PDT, i.e. photo dynamic therapy, and I made drawings of it. I also made drawings of a small device for the PDT. Hector knew a man in Malaga Andrés - he was an electronics mechanic, and he made the device according to my instructions.

 When it was completed, we tried  it out on ourselves and later on the patients. It worked and still does.

 Each time I could see how the light attracted the different streams of colours into the cells. Persons with an X-ray sight can see through EVERYTHING with no limitations; they can "scan" through the layers, and the brain is taking in everything shown through this 3D view, while I am telling what happens on the spot.

 When I read about Natasja Djomkins, this little Russian girl, that she can do what I can do, I felt very happy, because now I know that we are a number of www.s, and that we may share the 3D sight - as I prefer to call it. Many years ago when we lived in Florida, USA, I read in a local newspaper about a Bulgarian man with X-ray eyes. So now we are 3 persons a far a I know, and I believe that as time goes by many more will be born, or some may already be aware of it without telling anybody or having the courage to tell. It takes COURAGE to stand up and tell about it. One's own family does not understand - I know from painful experiences  as far as this is concerned - still knowing myself what is going on - to a "double" extent.

 Dana Schmidt of the Politiken of February 12 wrote, "She can reveal illnesses impossible for us and our devices to find, say astonished experts according to Russian media."

 And that is exactly what I can do and did when I worked together with Hector.  I terminated the co-operation because I wanted to write my very spiritual and science fictional books, which also include scientific parts, because with an X-ray sight there are no limitations to what we see - not only through bodies and organs, also atoms, walls, cars, completely new ways of healing techniques, super-computers, space craft, etc, etc. That's the way it is.

 Because as Dana Schmidt wrote in her article, "But nobody knows the reason or origin of this - not even her parents."

 I hope to meet this girl some day. Already when I was a little girl I knew I had these abilities, and that I was to use them when I grew up, but I did not know exactly how. Today I am 54 years old, grown-up, and know what I can, and for what my X-ray sight can be used, and that is in a humble, but conscious way to help science with new thinking, that is if they will seriously accept this sight and listen to the things we can see.

 In my books and articles I have written about things that have happened after I wrote about them. That is because a person with an x-ray sight  automatically can see astronomic, astro-physical, and scientific things not written in books. And the explanation? Well, science will have to tell us - we ARE HERE, and we do know that we are able to see through substance and anti-substance.

 In order for us to be understood I hope that one day we shall have a scientific explanation. That day may come when it will be possible to measure consciousness, thoughts, or this X-ray sight - when we have measuring devices able to record the inexplicable.

 One instrument could be the energy of the atom for measuring consciousness, because the force of light is heavier that the atom, and consequently unable to read in the info of the atom - here we have to develop in a lower gravitation layer for reading in the bio-energy, and that might only be possible via the absolute zero point of the atom, where the substance can be read. And perhaps measure why some people have this X-ray sight. Nuclear energy to take out info in energy substance? We cannot see it with the naked eye, but we who have this X-ray sight can see it.

 My wish is for Natasja and myself - if we "see" the same things - it is going to be very exciting, also if we can make the same "diagnoses", or if we have different X-ray sights.

 Ulla Runchel      www.ulla-runchel.com   www.shirleymaclaine.com  /under spirit.