This is Doreen Virtue's book, The Crystal Children. The cover is very beautiful, I feel so happy and elevated, when I can find various books on the Internet about the Crystal Children, because it means that all over the world these kids are being born, and we are now conscious about their existence, and the fact that they deserve all the support and love we can give them in order that they will be understood in a clever and sensible way.

 Many years ago when I wrote "The Crystal Universe" I was not sure whether anybody at all was interested  in reading or understanding the book. Events showed my thoughts to be groundless, because I still get so many reactions and questions as to the conditions in this universe. Many tell me that they have had dreams, visions, and meditations in the wisdom of crystals. Many young people  will recognise how they live up there and how these crystalline vehicles fly around in cosmos faster than the velocity of light.

 20 years ago we who posses the cosmic knowledge never got a chance of telling about this; we would not have been understood, and we did not believe that other people felt the way we did. Therefore, it is so important that today we can surf on the Internet and read about those with equivalent experiences; to learn that other human beings are "like myself" is a great peace of mind, and to read about these NEW KIDS being born now is a great relief. Fortunately today's future kids are not being filled with drugs the way they did only a few years ago. I sincerely hope that they will all be understood and raised with empathy and a lot of understanding for what they say and what they "see".

 There has to be a definite meaning with their incarnation here on Earth. I believe that we are going to see severe climatic changes and other technological progresses, and also that science will be surprised to learn that life DOES exist in other parts of the universe. These new kids, the Crystal Children, are close to the complex knowledge to be used in the distant future.

 Ellie Crystal - -  Her knowledge is splendid, and these future kids can be read about on her unique web site.

 The Crystal Children can read through the material, and in day-conscious condition they can take out what they need. They need no books - via their ESP abilities they take out the knowledge they require from Wild 2, a higher, enlarged censorial receiver, launched by NASA and bound to return in 2006 - these kids know the answers in advance, and via their cosmic view they can take out the "reply" even before the space probe has reached the Earth.

 That is one among multiple kinds of wisdom that the Crystal Children can bring us and create from out there.

 Heidi Svendsen, a unique healer, sent me an article by journalist Dana Schmidt from the Politiken, a leading Danish daily, of February 12th, 2004, headlining as follows:



 Quote "I can see everything", claims 17-year old Russian Natasja Djomkina. "She can reveal illnesses impossible for us or our devices to find", astonished medical experts claim" unquote

 This young Russian girl is not alone. We are all going to experience future kids with these abilities, and we - the "old ones" - on their wave length want to welcome all of them. We are incarnated to understand and to elevate these new kids, which scientists can do nothing about now, but whose condition in a few years will be quite "common".

 Up there in the Crystal Universe - in The White City - they learn how to code the DNA of the universe with the complex knowledge for the purpose of incarnation, the crystalline cells are charged with latent up-graded info - readable as these new kinds know in the movable substance of consciousness, and they can use the material  for all kinds of purpose whenever they require info. All along we have to remember that they are children and require the support of their parents whereever they are incarnating in the world. For many years  Dr. Richard Boylan has held conferences on The Star Kids, and has made unique quotations on the new kids' kind of knowledge. For instance he teaches their parents to understand these kids. When they tell all about their way to understand the world the Crystal Children have a balanced openness with balanced hearts, and they explain individually what they "see".

The kids have a lot of news to tell, and they are being taken very seriously with a grown-up, supportive, and caring love.

 Future Kids are being born each day - more often than ever - and for the next 30 years they will work together in one big joint co-operation irrespective of religion and other differences. They are so intelligent that they know that only by common knowledge development will go on concurrently with future "problems", for instance electronic vira, exchange of space energy, development of earthly climate, and use if the resources of the universe; they have a much better approach to development with a completely new mathematical knowledge for making everything form a synthesis - to this everybody agree. Although they all live differently, some with their parents, some rich, some poor, they have a common goal which is to work together, because they all have the same crystalline cell structure in the neuronal network with another kind of info.

 Many have difficulties in understanding this; however, some time in the cosmic development people may incarnate with a higher kind of info, and now is the time for us to meet these future kids with another consciousness developed by their ESP abilities to an extent they have intangible ways of speaking, also to their parents  who have born them - a lot of people do not understand these kids. However, as time goes by these kids will understand why their visions and ways of speaking are different from those of their parents.

 When  they reach their teens around the age of 12 they will know where their life is leading them and in which direction they are going to create "a new world", and they will know that they are going to meet many of their kind spread all over the world, and perhaps they may be stationed on Planet Mars, etc. These abilities make it possible to look into the future life of one's own, and some will experience that they may have flashes of their future life, i.e. they will be "viewing" their own life story and will plan it according to the visions they have for their life.

 They will be able to develop new scientific possibilities not believed in today, but which will be common knowledge in 25 - 30 years. And the techniques and mathematical formulae taken out via their ESP abilities - not via their school book tasks - are already in use. However, they have their visions and unique knowledge from cosmos.

 It is being learnt that the old school books do not tell everything, that knowledge from other sources can be believed in and trusted.

 The Crystal Children, the Celesta Children are the children of the future; they may have lived in the Crystal Universe and perhaps they are bearing some info from this universe. Or from Planet Celesta already present in our solar system. From an astronomical point of view it has been discovered recently, from  a "physical" point of view in the way that what we "see" becomes physically conscious little by little. Planet Celesta is a planet in transit in our solar system, and it is flowing alone in cosmos. It is big enough to rotate by means of its own force of attraction on a enormously strong  discharge of energy in the very crystalline spreading of the internal diamond energy, the core, the rotation of the absolute zero point makes it float without being "upheld" by other moons or planets. The Celesta Children take out energy and knowledge from this unique planet; I am going to revert to that in another article, book, or whatever it might be.

 It is so wonderful to realise that the weirdie kid "next-door" is not so weird after all. Some years ago my sister told me that her healer had a weird child. I asked how, and he proved to be one of the Celesta Children, and during the past few years I have noticed with much pleasure what has happened all over the world, which may only amount to a few per cents of what I know. Therefore it is so positive when books or persons pop up and tell about these kids. The kids are not weirdies or psychotic, and I do hope that psychologists will learn to understand them, and that their parents are clever enough, so that the kids do not end up in psychiatric hospitals. That would be very, very tragic. It would be much better to listed to what they have to say, and I feel confident that a psychologist can determine a sick person from a healthy one.

 Doreen Virtue has written this gorgeous book a book that everybody should read. We are www aware that the kids of the future ARE HERE, so let's open our heart to  each small kid and give it warmth and unlimited love, because they are ALL our own future.

 You should all  read the Dana Schmidt article of  the   Politiken of February 12th, 2004, about the little girl with the x-ray eyes.

 Ulla Runchel

Writer with ESP abilities



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