Clairoyants referring to Atlantis and Lemuria


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Religious ideas from Atlantis?


Long time ago there seems to have existed forms of global astro-mythological knowledge based on several shared ideas about the cosmological system.

The exposed features of past traditional ideas in connection with the stars could contribute to some realizations cognitions or discoveries about prehistory. Ancient Egypt was religiously preoccupied with stars as deities, for example, Sirius (Isis), Orion (Osiris) and Great Bear (meskhitiu), and the fact that the light of the Pleiades should hit the altar in certain temples.                                                                                                                                      


According to Plato's work "Critias", Atlas was also the name of Atlantis’ first king and was the son of a mythical figure, the god Poseidon, the reason of Atlantis' other name Poseidonis.

Also, in connection with the ancient ideas about sunken continents like Atlantis in the Atlantic - and a much earlier Mu/Lemuria in the Pacific - the stars played an important role.

From early in Antiquity, there is a special place given to the popular Pleiades star group, “the seven daughters of Atlas”, extensive references to the fabled Atlantis.

There is an underlying impression that these prominent stars seem of importance already in the presumed Atlantis's religious history and imaginative world, and that they could have had reli­gious connotations for the civilizations of prehistory.


In later times’ cultic fraternities and secret societies it is claimed that parts of the so-called Atlanteans’ knowledge were also known early by secret cults in Babylonia, India, and Egypt - and were included in the initiated people’s doctrines which also included star knowledge.

The following phenomena, some from the age of spiritism definitely belongs to the history:

In 1882 an American dentist, John Ballou Newbrough, published a more than 900 pages thick bible-like book entitled Oahspe which he by a superhuman pace had written in a sort of trance, on a special "religious history" that included star religion, 72-24,000 years back in time. Oahspe transmits many details regarding an alleged large continent called Pan or Whaga that once filled much of the Pacific Ocean. Newbrough was of very modern attitude and gave interview in The New York Times (26.Nov.1883) and was one of the first who wrote with the newly invented typewriter and the first to use the word "starship".

Renowned Theosophist, Alice A. Bailey wrote in her "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" (1925) on the Pleiades stars in the cosmic system and the impact on Earth. She also mentions Lemuria.


Hypothetical map of assumed early placement of Atlantis and Mu/Lemuria.   -  Right:  astronomical
towers for a star religion at Lemuria (Pan); trance-drawn illustration in Dr. Newbrough’s book, “Oahspe”.
Yet, telescope and reflector(?) seem modern additions, or could be as advanced techniques? He also draw a
 Lemurian sign-alphabet which in several cases resembles letters of the Indus script and the Easter Island script.




Atlas offers the apples of the Hesperides to Hercules. Again, the important feature to the
ancient Greeks that the Moon passes the 7 Pleiades (stylized depiction in a row top left in the picture).

Copy of drawing after picture from ca. 485 BC, done by Lekythos, the famous artist from the Athens.


In 1888 Theosophy founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky published her "The Secret Doctrine", with reference data from over 1,200 sources. Some of the book’s information she received in India. She stated (vol.I, p.473 and II, p.149), for instance that "... Lemuria was not (directly) flooded but destroyed by volcanic activity, and then sank. ..."


Many have considered the Mid-Atlantic Azores archipelago peaks as from the sunken Atlantis. Similar is seen on Lemuria - in 1894 Theosophist Annie Besant wrote about Lemuia:
      "…When the vast Continent that once spread where now the Indian Ocean rolls, the continent of which Australia was the southernmost point, and of which the mountain tops are still to be found in the Islands of Polynesia (…) When Lemuria perished by volcanic fires it left but a scattered fragment to mark where it once stood. ...

Regarding both of these older books it’s an interesting fact that the Earth's tectonic plates and their connection to volcanoes were not discovered and explored until 1912-1960.




Left:  The Russian ocultist, mystic and founder of Theosophy, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, 1831-1891.

Center:  Theosophist and esoteric thinker, English-American writer Alice Bailey, 1880-1949.

Right:  'The Sleeping Prophet', the American Edgar Cayce, 1877-1945.


Edgar Cayce and Nikola Tesla about Atlantis

While ancient literary references to the ideas of an earlier civilization of the Atlantis is limited to the few well-known passages in Plato's dialogues " Timaeus and Critias " in more modern times also plenty of information about the Atlantis appears to be provided through other more unusual sources: the psychic readings y the American Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), today's most well-documented clairvoyant trance medium.

Cayce could respond in detail to any question put to him, for example, on health, - and the material in his answer made ​​him the largest holistic medical. The sessions which was a non-profit task through 43 years were written down, and when he died in 1945 he left 14,306 written sessions which are now available in systematic archives.


Many of his predictions fit perfectly, but others do not. His readings' results still have many supporters as well as many opponents, - but these readings often have interesting features with perspectives that may be worth exploring.

Nearly 700 readings made ​​between 1923-1944 were about Atlantis and hundreds of his clients' past lives there. There are also published hundreds of books about him and the archival material including may seem to contain amounts of detailed information to a relevant context on the Canary Islands’ surrounding sea ‘basin’ the traces of sunken civilization structures (Reading 288-1):

        "... [I]n the fair land of [King] Alta, or Poseidia proper, when this entity was in that force that brought the highest civilization and knowledge that has been known to the Earth's plane ..."


Bioelectrical cleansing processes employed in their temples involved drinking Soma - sacred colloidal waters enhanced with ultra-fine gold and silver nanoparticles that effectively amplify the electromagnetic fields of the human body.

While modern scientific investigation has clarified to some degree the physics of the ancient pyramid technologies, the life's work of Edgar Cayce provides the crucial names of locations and specific circumstances that once existed in ancient times. The stark accuracy of Cayce's work continues seems often to be proven by major archeological discoveries now taking place in every part of the world.


Author Alexander Putney (in his book: "Tesla's Rebirth", 2008) brings to light the reference and report from Edgar Cayce's readings. - We learn that Cayce had revealed the complex canal-works of Poseida were constructed as a resonant water purification system utilizing quartz and calcite crystals in the bedrock for their piezoelectric transduction of infrasound.


That knowledge impulse was copied in the Atlantis’ (Poseidonis') then 'colonies' in Egypt:

Ultra-low frequency resonance focused by the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, is effectively converted into a localized electromagnetic field that once purified water flowing through the canal works, bioelectrically cleansing the bodies of barefoot initiates who made direct contact with the sacred stone.

Could the Bible's accounts of the Ark of the Covenant’s radiation damage effects possibly be an indirect heritage via Egypt from the Atlantis’ technology?


Furthermore: the rapid technological development of humanity in this age represents the practical, material manifestation of our greatly increasing collective consciousness, driving an exponential expansion of scientific awareness. Scientific achievements of the present have been foreshadowed by the preceding Atlantean high civilization, affecting a full repossession of the great knowledge of our distant ancestors.

Breakthroughs in the manufacture of bulk metallic glass and superalloys required for acoustic levitation technologies have established a new path of discovery of polycrystalline bond structures and superhard materials that exceed the durability of carbon steel by 3 times. Yet, all the giant metal behemoths that traverse our skies and oceans as spaceplanes, airplanes and ships still employ dangerously outdated technologies.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) is an organization established with provision for the preservation and dissemination of the legacy of Edgar Cayce's psychic readings. According to Alexander Putney it appears from the Cayce material that regarding Nikola Tesla there is registered over 18 years of close cooperation with the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce.

It was the very Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Serbian-American physicist, inventor and the electrical engineer (with incredible advanced inventions, including AC, neon lights, electric motor, radio several years before Marconi, and a transmission of electricity without cables but wireless, etc.).


Nikola Tesla could see deep into the future possibilities, such as fully present and produce design specifications for optically invisible aircraft and spacecraft prototypes used his discoveries of refractive optical properties of HHO plasma (i.e. from hydrogen gas).


On 7 June 1934 Edgar Cayce held a reading for Tesla, which focused on Tesla's previous incarnation as Atlantean leader in Poseidia, namely Ajax in Ode Dynasty, also called Ax-Tell in the Egyptian countries, and that his profound scientific knowledge seems dramatically re-emerged in Tesla's life's work. (Reading 487-17).







 One of the greatest inventors in electrical engineering, Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943, on the cover of Time Magazine, vol.18, 20 July 1931, with Atlantis ideas. - Center:  High-voltage discharge in Tesla's laboratory, 1899.

Right:  Tesla's tower to transmit wireless energy, 1904, Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, Long Island, New York.


The Ice Age’s end and the floods

The Pleiades’ disappeared sister Electra was also called Atlantis, while the word electra also means 'electricity'. Could this be a code, an underlying message in this? Thus it is claimed that Atlantis was destroyed from within because of the "abuse of a special kind of energy source" as instrumental reason of doom that destabilized the island continent.


The hypotheses on "a broken energy field on the seabed" have been associated with mystical conditions in the Bermuda Triangle. In the area it is scientifically demonstrated, including by longstanding systematic measurements by the Danish Oersted-satellite (from 23.Feb.1999 and many years ahead) that the magnetosphere here has the most frequent changes on Earth. About the disappeared aeroplanes in 1945 a test flight film by National Geographic in 2006 documented the instruments were set out of action here. Already Columbus wrote in his secret diary at 29th and 30th September 1492 on sudden large compass errors in these waters.



The idea of an Atlantic diamond or giant crystal with induction cables has been proposed as the country's energy

generator. Right:  the Bermuda triangle with Earth's most troubled magnetosphere has often tornado vortices.

Everything we've been taught in the established view of the origins of civilization may be wrong, and old stories such as those about Atlantis and other great lost civilizations of prehistory, long dismissed as myths, now by using the newest geotechnology internationally that in several cases it could be proved as true.

So, Atlantis:  once a true reality - or not? In any case, the Pleiades - both as a star cluster in the sky as well as characters in the mythology - have inspired our Western culture with great importance also as expressed through the arts, not least in literature and visual works.

In all this there are still many unsolved issues, and much of the circumstantial evidences already known can of course not without further action be accepted as scientific evidence because the case may risk ending up as pseudo-archeology. On the other hand, the theories hitherto about the so-called non-existing civilizations of the past are being challenged strongly by exactly the diverse, huge material of circumstantial evidence.

An important fact is that theories are not 'truth' just because someone has adopted them. Theories or rather hypotheses are provisional working models - i.e. preliminary opinions or views, simply, until new data appearing. Opinions are not facts. One of the biggest mistakes ever made - often by scientists - is to confuse opinions with facts!

Thus it is wrong when scientists ignore the large material of circumstantial evidence - as has been done - the material constitutes a factor for discussion and is inevitable included in the picture. You cannot remove something that exists, or else science is acting as pseudo-science.


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