The Pyramid in the sky - and the World-axis



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The esoteric traditions also present the concept of a pyramid in the sky.
By examining the data beneath the surface we can discover that this celestial
pyramid’s baseline represents a big part of the World-axis - i.e. that part of
the axis that runs from Sirius and passes Great Bear.


At the beginning of the 1900’s, the theosophists had published texts on an old concept from which "a pyramid in the sky" is mentioned (by Alice Bailey). The pyramid’s outline was based in three main star groups: Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Great Bear (Big Dipper). Later, several people tried to plot this pyramid on the star map but without effect or understanding.


The fact is that in recent times all maps - and our geographic thinking - are oriented to the north, so the mentioned attempts reproduce the pyramid top in the northern constellation Ursa Major. However, if the pyramid with the tip towards the east (Greek 'oriens', which formerly often was the orientation direction) plotted on the map, it is then the always significant and beneficial the Pleiades which fulfill the great pyramid’s in fact missing top.



In ancient cultic knowledge it was included that the great Cheops pyramid was formed in the sky by
precise lines of sight to the Pleiades, the Great Bear and Sirius. Between the latter two runs the sky pyramid’s
base line. The map can only approximately represent the fact that also the sky pyramid's sides are equal


Plot the pyramid’s so-called King's Chamber correctly on a "star-map reproduction" of the Great Pyramid, then it will be discovered that this is the exact spot where the new planet Uranus was found in 1782. And by plotting the special air shafts extending from the King's Chamber, and by following the northern shaft’s extension line to where it crosses the ecliptic, then here is exactly the point where the planet Neptune was found in 1846. A context on a quantum-physical level.


The pyramid’s base line - situated upon the World-axis - is here at exactly at its very midpoint being split by the ecliptic (the "circular wall of Paradise"). Exactly on this spot the new planet Pluto was found in 1930 - just here at the same place is located the star with the Arabic name Wasat, a probable relic of ancient knowledge, since this name so incredibly means 'the middle'!

These types of space-spatial synchronicity and historical meta-interaction and parallelism I have found though without a cause of the phenomenon but it's almost like a central concept in Carl G. Jung's research into the universal interaction.




Besides that the shafts of the great Cheops pyramid are directed towards significant stars like Sirius,
Orion and Thuban (illstr. below), these shafts also are included in an astonishingly precise geometry.


Star-knowledge - not esoteric teachings only

By the initiates a hidden knowledge was preserved. When Freemasons in 1600-1700-century in Europe emigrated to freedom and brought ideas of the "rediscovered Atlantis-like" new world of the Americas, they introduced the Masonic symbolism of Egyptian character.

For instance, also the Cheops Pyramid was at a time inserted into the U.S. national heraldy, later to be seen on every 1-dollar bill in the world! Several of the first presidents, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, etc. were Masons - and also leaders later in a number of countries in South America - and they introduced the first national flag with stars on as part of the symbolism.


Star-knowledge - not just the esoteric nature - was once as important recognition knowledge of the initiates, but is most often what is heard least about in contemporary presentations of our history. And which eventually may also be known at least about.


Thus, the historically established that everywhere in both early and late cultures that clearly exist compliance or compatible interaction between geography and cosmography, as well as with the old world view of a cosmic harmony - all expressed through events, things and phenomena, which in turn is reflected in multiple layers, in many old religious texts.



Together with the U.S. national heraldy the Cheops pyramid is placed showing its missing top. In this top is inserted
the ancient symbol, the "Eye of God" in a triangle. Engraved illustr. in the ornamentation on the U.S. 1-dollar bill.


The widespread doctrines regarding universal harmony - especially used in Egypt and Babylon, and which is also recognized in the Bible - continued right into the future, also in connection with several recent influential people such as Shakespeare, Nostradamus and Tycho Brahe.

Now it is getting interesting, because Jesus spoke in parables - to special understanding of the initiated - and referred to themselves (Luke 20:12) as vineyard wall’s "missing cornerstone" by some less capable builders had the wreck.


The vineyard wall is of course the "Paradise wall", the zodiacal circle which encloses the garden - i.e. Paradise symbolically seen as a special area in the starry sky - with the two trees (in one) and many animals, namely constellations with animal names.

In connection with such a vineyard - i.e. the Paradise garden with the “vine rod” as an ancient symbol of the Milky Way/World-axis - Jesus mentions “a hireling”. In the Middle East 'hireling, laborer' was the Babylonian word hunga which was also used for the sector of the sky which elsewhere is more commonly known as Aries: the ecliptic circle’s eastern zodiacal constellation. It was the easternmost "sun gate" and often presented as the entrance to the garden.


Behind the reference to the vineyard’s main cornerstone there was a well-known symbol, namely the missing top of the big Cheops Pyramid.

The pyramid is designated with the name of the ancient Egyptian king Cheops (Khufu), and this pyramid with the missing, 'hexagonal' pyramid-top has also name as the northern constellation with its 5 corners/angles, Cepheus. This name is from the same root as the name which Jesus mentined as Kephas, 'stone', 'rock', (Greek petrus) on which he would found "his teachings".


At the mystery cults there was little doubt:  the small square platform more than 140 meters up at the top of the great Cheops pyramid and also the pyramid’s interior seem to have been used for cultic initiation process. It is being supposed that the initiates in some cases when placed upon the platform and with the strong energy flow caused by the pyramid geometric form and its huge stone masses (e.g., it can also affect a compass needle significantly) - the so-called third eye could be opened there.

Could it be that it was an inner circle of Jesus' group of supporters that he upon the "rock" – with a knowledge from when the Egyptians used the pyramid platform - would found special teachings for the initiated?

The inverted pyramid

An occult tradition, later also known in the Druze religion in Lebanon, holds a message about a reverse and lowered pyramid and is difficult to detect as it is with the bottom surface facing upside. It is located in Baalbek in Lebanon's mountain plateau where the myth’s Gilgamesh and also biblical King Solomon had cedars cut for "establishing" their inner development as well.

On the location in Lebanon we find the famous and incomprehensible constructed giant stone terrace which forms the bottom of that reverse Baalbek-pyramid.


According to the version among the Druzes, from their takeover of ancient myths, Cain killed his brother Abel by blocking the spiritual seeker Abel inside the downward pyramid which, apparently like the great Egyptian pyramids, was also used as a site for cultic initiation.

Further, according to the occult tradition, the Baalbek-pyramid’s tip goes deep down the earth, and the entire feature is to be seen as the "contrast" to the Cepheus Pyramid in Egypt.


Both places have established a city which, based on much older names with 'the sun', were later in Greek called Heliopolis, 'city of the sun'. In the Egyptian city, originally named On (known from the Bible), many temples and holy places existed and here was the center of early alchemy in the temple of Ptah, - in the ancient teachings the sun and the gold were always associated. Fragments of the Cain and Abel motif may also be found here, as Cain, Hebrew for 'smith', 'coppersmith', in the Bible he is referred to as the ancestor of all blacksmiths and metal workers.


Later, in Heliopolis' "equivalent" Lebanese city, the Romans built a Jupiter temple on top of the stone terrace which itself in the unknown past was built with largest known cut stones on the Earth. Even with today’s most advanced technology in the 21st century, theses would not be able to be produced and transported.


The pyramids at Giza (at Heliopolis in Egypt) and “the pyramid” at Baalbek (at Heliopolis in Lebanon) have such mutual geographical positions that they form accurate diagonal corner points in a square in a geographic grid, but being a square on the Earth's spherical surface, it is precisely 4° high and 5° wide. It is so that the distance of the upper limit of the square consist of 5 more "narrow" degrees in width, as well-known that latitudes become more "narrow" when measured further north, and just at this location, Baalbek, the mentioned distance is in units of area similar to 4 longitudes. And inside this square is the aforementioned special diagonal between Heliopolis in Egypt and Heliopolis in Lebanon.

The square’s other diagonal shows the direction of one of the main crack patterns between the earthly land mass flakes, tectonic plates, which actually extends all the way from Switzerland and down through the Red Sea via the Pacific to Australia. In the Mediterranean the break line is flanked by these up- and down-turned pyramids. It may also be mentioned without known details that some ideas may exist regarding a possible balancing influence on the tectonic plates.



Right:  The magic field, which is narrowing with the latitudes, is ranging from the Cheops pyramid
in Giza (Heliopolis/Cairo) and diagonally up to the Baalbek terrace (above the b in Geb) in Lebanon



"Wild" ideas form old traditions should not just be dismissed totally, - in some cases, perhaps science sometime in the future will analyze the possible information originally contained.  Such belongs in that world of ideas where there even also in the sky can be found a "similar" inverted pyramid oriented with its downward peak at the constellation Hydra’s head.


The aforementioned large upturned pyramid in the sky, formed by lines of sight from the Pleiades to the Great Bear and Sirius has its important mentioned top angle of the Pleiades. The name is from the Greek pleidion, 'manyfold', 'multiple', and 'rectangular edifice'. These stars are named similar to Babylonian: zappu, a probable pun on sippu: 'cornerstone' or 'angular stone', cf. supru, 'angle'. Both the Babylonians and their "predecessors", the Sumerians, were experts in this kind of rebus meanings, it was simply normal routine for them when reading their glyphs and also through their language’s extensive use of reversing the syllables.


Today's religions without the starry universe

Much of the literal form of biblical reading was not particularly prominent after the Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s.

Several of the most important among the early Church Fathers and leaders in Christian history - including Origen, Clement, Augustine, Jerome, and Thomas Aquinas - considered it a fact that the literalist readings of particular Biblical narrative of the Creation was evidence that the reader was uneducated!


In Egypt, Origen got much information from the learned Jews. From this knowledge he claims that it just was not meant then the Bibles narrative on Noah's ark was to be understood literally:

          "... Just fodder for the elephants through the many months in the ark would be a huge problem ...".

In some interpretations the Noah's ark motif are regarding measuring relations of the ark and conditions of: the Great Pyramid at Giza. It is not a royal tomb, but a mystery initiation facility and therefore without a single mural or inscription that was otherwise present in royal tombs. Up upon the ark there is an entrance, Hebrew tsohar is the Noah ark 'entrance/hatch/aperture' or 'ridge' with a gable triangle: the ark looked like a triangular prism/pyramid shape.

Could it have been an image reflecting the missing top stone? The peak that was thought it could be an entrance to the higher knowledge?


Robert Bauval, who more than anyone has studied the relationship between the ancient temple complex and the stars, writes in his "The Egyptian Code" (London, 2006, pp. 253-255) that:

          “… When dealing with ancient Egypt, you are dealing with a spiritual civilisation which believed emphatically in eternity and in afterlife attained by an adherence to the cosmic order. And it must be studied as such …”. - It is more than obvious that the temple priests in ancient Egypt, especially those in Heliopolis, had incorporated observational astronomy in their consecration system during training ...

          …This is well attested in their many religious texts, such as the Pyramid Texts, and also in the intense astronomical qualities of the monuments, which, after all, are but the symbolic architectural expression of their beliefs. … Our present civilisation is in dire need of this ancient wisdom .  … The ancient Egyptians turned Egypt into a temple of the cosmos in which all would live in Maat …” (the principle of the universe order).                                                               .

Past cultic inaugurated in principle was aware of gnosis based on the laws of the universe, ethics and balances - including some understanding of the starry world and interaction in our surrounding cosmos. To a greater understanding must - even though modern critics often confuse it with certain so-called New Age considerations - let the religious texts and architecture, as well as with the ancient Egyptians, just respond with astronomy.

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