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Do time-twins have parallel lives?
A continuous tradition was known from the past, with perceptions of 'parallel lives' and a similarity in rebirth - in accordance also with the certain ideas of the universe’s cyclic concepts.
Similar identity or time-twins? Traces of forgotten or neglected ancient traditions still exist in recent history and up to the present.

The Greek author Plutarch lived 46-120 AD - it is from him we know that over the entrance to the initiations in Delphi it was written: ”Know yourself!”. Plutarch wrote a wise and interesting work with parallel stories about great historical personalities whose lives had particularly many striking parallels.

In reincarnation studies the experience of cyclic repetitions of previous, similar living conditions is a well-known phenomenon. Even today many examples can demonstrate that certain traces of forgotten or neglected ancient traditions may still exist in later history and all the way up till modern times.

It can turn out extremely surprising to 'rediscover' the connected ideas behind a of the early cultural history.It may include interesting forms of pattern repetitions which also hold important material for future researchers.


Carl Jung, synchronicity, - Rambo and George W. Bush

Time itself viewed as being constituted as pattern, can be measured astronomically. The dyna­mic connective link is expressed in every specific moment of time: every such moment contains equal patterns throughout the world, a concept that was the key point of the astrology interested, psychologist-pioneer Carl Jung’s renowned notion of “synchronicity” - with important contributions to the formulation of quantum mechanics. Two great nuclear physicists and Nobel Prize recipients, Otto Hahn who conducted the first nuclear fission, and Einstein, were both born in the same year with only few days apart, respectively on 8th and 14th March 1879, and factually having really much in common.

The possibly surprising coincidence that the movie actor Sylvester Stallone, with his tough roles of Rocky and Rambo, was born on the same day and year as the USA’s often criticized, former president George W. Bush - 6th July 1946 - that can make it interesting to investigate the phenomenon of date-related twins. Great Roman senator Cato angrily rejected astrology and that he had something in common with his slave born at the same date as himself.

People may often be found having birthdays on the same day but not the same year and still having exceptional features in common - as, e.g. the famous astrologers Nostradamus (1503) and Tycho Brahe (1546) both on 14 December (both of old calendar style).

Among of closer date-associated twins are the day-twins, i.e. two persons who were born on the same day and year but not at the same point of time.
Astrologers are more fascinated by time-twins. Time-twins are two individuals who were born on the same day and also at the same point of time. Time-twins and day-twins are defined as different from conventional twins in that they are not directly biologically related.


Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon: date-twins and brilliant generals 

When Plutarch mentions the birth of Alexander the Great, he is also alluding to the constellation Leo in which Alexander was born on a particular day - in modern calendar on 20th July 356 BC. It took place while the Leo constellation’s main star, the Basilisk also called Regulus, was passed by the Sun, a so-called close conjunction. In ancient star mythological tradition it was, according to astronomer Ptolemy, considered that this kind conjunction made it possible under the right circumstances for a person to be provided with a highly illustrious carrier. 

In significant detail Plutarch places Alexander the Great as a counterpart to Caesar, and both of these famous generals compared on a range of important parallel points in their life and work. - But an extra detail was not mentioned by Plutarch, that they both were born around the 20th July. The Earth's angle to the sky moves slowly through the millennia, and at Alexander's and Caesar's time their dates were very close to the day when the sun passed the Basilisk-star.

Alexander's mother, Queen Olympia, had carefully planned the birth time and thus his conception, which was carried out ritually in an Egyptian temple on the Greek island of Samothrace. In the text on Alexander's birth Plutarch adds that on the very same day of he birth, 20 July 356 BC, a young Greek desperado, Herostratus, wanted to be famous and had King Croesos’ Artemis temple - one of Seven Wonders the ancient World - burned down. It seems that he had chosen the right day. 

In more recent times Napoleon was one of history's best documented persons. Despite Napoleon’s immense self-conceit about his own abilities, he often spoke about dependence or influence from his “destiny star” or “lucky star” - this is documented in the staff records. Which star was Napoleon’s “destiny star”? Was it that he was born on 15th August, 1769?

This means that Napoleon was born on a certain day, when Basiliscus/Regulus, the main star of the Leo constellation, was passed by the sun in a distance of only 3 degrees of arc (an open conjunction). And again, by the star mythological tradition of the past, such would - under the right circumstances - be considered as being attached to a
highly illustrious carrier.

Parallels and genuine time-twins
A question that is often made by astrologers, is this: If two people born at the same time and place, but of different parents, will they be exactly the same, just like "real" biological twins? Time-twins are known to have approximately the same horoscope and are thus considered to have special similarities in character and life. But since there can be n people at widely different levels of development, they will not always react the same way in a given situation.

In any case the phenomenon of time-twins is known as an interesting research area within professional astrology. It may provide an opportunity to examine differences and similarities among people with very similar horoscopes. Biological twins have nearly identical genes, and identical twins have exactly the same genes - but time-twins, naturally, have different genes. There are not very many recorded cases of the phenomenon, but the number is during periods seen having sharp increase when parents are more attentive to remember or write down their children’s exact birth time. 

The well-known example of time-twins is by the authors James Joyce and James Stephens. They were both born 2nd February 1882 at 06:00 in Dublin. So far as we know they are the only writers who were born in Ireland throughout the year. Both had a fantastic developed sense of language. Joyce even won great fame for his book "Ulysses" and was awarded the Nobel Prize in the early 1920’s. However, owever, HStephens did not join that class. There are many similarities in their appearance, which corresponds astrologically with the fact that they have the ascendant in the same sign, namely Capricorn. This is said to often resulting in having a long, narrow face, sometimes with distinct cheekbones. 

Another case is Joyce Ritter and Jean Henderson from the USA. They came at age six to live side by side in White Plains, New York. It turned out that they had been born in the same maternity clinic within five minutes. They resembled each other so much that both parents and teachers found it difficult to distinguish them. They liked the same things and had the same attitude in many areas. They both came from families with five children and their fathers had similar jobs in the same airport. 

A more known example of time-twins is King George III of England and Samuel Hemming, who were both born 4th of June 1738. In addition to similarities in their appearance, they had similar life cycle, albeit on separate social level. Hemming started his hardware business the same day as George assumed the throne. Both were married 8th September 1761. They had the same number of children and of the same gender. They became sick simultaneously and had a serious accident simultaneously. They both died 29th January from the same cause, namely the metabolic disorder porphyria.

Even King George VI of England had a time-twin - a chimney-sweeper. They both lived a vicious life, and the latter was locally known as a gambler, womanizer, and spendthrift. Both were addicted to racing - but for King George it was with thoroughbred horses, while for the other it was donkeys. They were kicked the same day and also had a bankrupt-like damage on the same date, however, not the same year. 

Benjamino Gigli and Lauritz Melchior were both born 20th March 1890. They were both world-famous tenors and also resembled each other by type. 

Two children were born 22nd February 1985 and got the same name David Charles Heymann. David, because both parents liked most that name. Charles, after one of the grandparents in both families. The families first met at the hospital where the births took place. The main reason for the contact was established (and later maintained) was that telephone conversations were directed to the 'wrong' mother - the gifts were also interchanged. Children were born within the same hour, and their measure and weight were the same. But the obstetrician was not the same. One was named Halpern, the other Alpern.
Concerning time-twins, worldwide, numerous of described cases and examples are existing.


The riddles on the same or a similar person
       "... "The message of Plato, the purest and the most luminous of all philosophy, has at last scattered the darkness of error, and now shines forth mainly in Plotinus, a Platonist so like his master that one would think they lived together, or rather, since so long a period of time separates them - that Plato was born again in Plotinus. ..."       St. Augustine, - Father of Church, and Theologian, (354-430 AD). 

       "… I can well imagine that I might have lived in former centuries ... that I had to be born again because I had not fulfilled the task ‘Memories, Dreams and Reflections’ given to me. …"
       C.G. Jung, - Psychologist, pioneer (1875-1961).


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