Nostradamus - And the New Millennium

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Michel de Notredame, Doctor and legendary Prophecy Writer in the Renaissance, was very famous most of his life, and far beyond, even up till today - and also very debated!

The Notredame was born on December 14, 1503, in St. Remi, France, as the eldest son of Jewish parents from Spain, where Inquisition had forced them to convert to Catholicism. He studied at the universities in Avignon and Montpellier and became a very skilled doctor. In 1564 he was appointed royal doctor for Charles IX, king of France. Nostradamus died July 2, 1566.

To devotees of ‘Centuries’, a prophecy book written of this French-Jewish doctor Notradame, science later repudiated claims that he was able to look into the future. Nevertheless Nostradamus (the international latinizing of his name) became one of the world’s most famous prophets. In 1555, when he was 52 years, he had written his first Centuries collection of 100 verses, his the so-called quatrains. During the following couple of years he completed the total number of 942 quatrains divided in 10 Centuries (of each 100 quatrains, except one with 42).

Nostradamus’ poetic, but cryptic quatrains, are claimed - by many of his devotees - to hide information, in particular about future events. From his Spanish Jewish family he had great insight in the Hebrew Cabbalah, the secret knowledge. But do his texts really include predictions about death of popes, rise of tyrants, and various devastating catastrophes of nature? His present opponents believe that these quatrains are so obscure (which everybody can see) that they can be interpreted to be a prophecy about almost any event.

According to Nostradamus’ written prophecies, a “king of horror was to appear in the sky in 1999”. What did he mean by that? And did it come true? Today we are able to check up on this statement, because 1999 is the only year stated by him, which is not coded, but in exact form. (In 1998 the present text was handed over to an editor, who published it in March/April 1999, i.e. considerable long time prior to the exact date of the suggested events in relation to the Nostradamus prophecy). Scientifically, and without a key, it is difficult to say whether - in the mid-1600 century - he was able to predict Napoleon and Hitler in later centuries, - although, names, times, and places might have a similarity with historic facts. However, modern astronomy computation can be used on a hitherto missed out part of his statements concerning the year 1999. The result proved to hit a special phenomenon of time.

Michel de Notredame (1503-1566).

Nostradamus’ Prophecy About 1999

ANumerous attempts of interpretation of his texts - disguised by himself - have been published without taking into consideration that he was also an astrologer (e.g. for the French queen Catherine de’ Medici). The texts are also being interpreted without knowledge of the special astro-magical language included in his texts - a well known practice since ancient times.

Later it was ignored, that Nostradamus in reality was practicing a special astrology combined with clairvoyance. Like the ancient times astronomer, who might observe the sky in the water surface of a well for observations of certain conditions (the zenith passage of celestial bodies), he looked at the stars in a vat of water (even with a diagonal mirror plate) placed on the flat roof terrace of his house. Here, looking at the reflecting pattern of stars on the water surface, he also used the water - like in a crystal ball - in an interplay as a medium for reading.

Like a number of Renaissance personalities he had to hide his entire knowledge - first and foremost because of the clerical authoritative control of what was allowed to be published. This was a further reason for him to use codes and occult symbolism language in his texts in order partly to scramble the texts, because they were considered too controversial to many readers, who might not tolerate the confrontation with the contents of the prophecies.

When for instance his book - published in 1568 two years after his death - about his prophecies, mentions (V 10,72) that the “king of horror in the sky will appear in 1999” - and “in the seventh month” - the initiated of those times knew that “the king of horror” was the star named Basiliskos.

The word Basiliskos is Greek and means ‘horror monster’ - like the basilisk we know from later folktales for instance - but it also means ‘(little) king’. Also the Latin name of the star, i.e. Regulus, bears that interpretation. In addition Basiliskos/Regulus - the main star in the Leo constellation - was always known as one of the five most strongly radiating stars in the sky.

The number 1999 is published as “open”, being the only exact year he ever stated in his writings; and Basiliskos/Regulus is the only star placed exactly in the “track of the sun”, which really is the track of the earth: the Ecliptic. This track is the only part of the sky where solar eclipses and moon eclipses can take place - thus the name Ecliptic, the ‘eclipse’ line.

It was mostly forgotten that Nostradamus was also an astrologer.

Indication of A New Age

Nostradamus’ words about “the seventh month” may mean September, septem = ‘7’, in the old Julian calendar (where the months of the year begins with New Year in March). The majority of days in September are belonging to Virgo starting on August 23. In view of this, Nostradamus’ prophecy may have this exact relevance: on August 22, 1998, an annular solar eclipse happened in a rare way, i.e. exactly on the star Basiliskos, “king (of horror)”.

Also in 1999, on August 11, a solar eclipse happened, this time it was e complete eclipse, and quite near Basiliskos, moving into the Virgo sector of the sky in a slowly moving position in accordance with vernal equinox. According to the old tradition of the astrological terminology: by this movement or passage “the Age of Pisces” will then terminate.

This indication was known by the sciences of antiquity, for instance by Greek astronomer Hipparchus in approx. 150 BC - and is hinted at in the so-called “Handy Tablets” of Theon of Alexandria from approx. 300 AD. In 157 BC the Roman calendar introduced for government administration a New Year on January 1, which later became common. Other conceptions are known as to the determination of “an age-threshold”. But in 1555, and based on one of the traditions - already known by Theon - Nostradamus marked the threshold of the phase of commencement of a new astronomical age; or so-called “Platonic” age (approx. 2.160 years).

During the times of Hipparchus - in 157 BC - the ages shifted from the period of Aries to the period of Pisces. This shift should be considered specially marked this year by a solar eclipse exactly “upon” (occulting) the star Basilikos/Regulus.

In 157 BC the earth’s position in space - in relation to the position of the star in question - had reached 0 degrees in Leo. Above mentioned Theon has described exactly the possibility of any time to measuring and computing - from the Basilisk-star in Leo - the position of the vernal equinox. So from 157 BC and up through the following 2158 years the star Basilikos/Regulus will have reached a position of 0 degrees in Virgo during the period 1998-2012 - due to the slow backwards movement of the point of vernal equinox (the so-called precession).

But also the star Regulus/Basiliskos itself is moving, in addition to the fact that also the position of the earth (measured from vernal equinox) is moving in relation to the stars.

This proper motion happens in another direction in relation to space than the course of vernal equinox. This because the two movements are in no way coordinated concerning their velocity and course, therefore almost 14 years will pass, before the star - as a point noted as a fraction of a second of arc in the sky - will be positioned (seen from earth) completely in the Virgo sector of the sky. If these data are included, the new age will appear as a fully established fact in the year 2012. (It is a fact that the old Maya astronomers in Central America gave exact statements on this).


Regulus, the King Star - from Greek: Basiliskos - will be in a position on the
border between the constellations of Leo and Virgo during the years 1998-2012.

Misunderstood “Horrors”

According to astrological traditions of ancient times, the long-time duration of the asserted consequences - traditionally prophesied around a solar eclipse - may have to last approx. one whole year, until a new solar eclipse happened on a similar date. In the case mentioned, it would have been expressed to the effect that the prophecy in question was indicating the period from the eclipse on August 22, 1998, till the eclipse on August 11, 1999. Also from the same tradition it could be stated, that this is the exactely marked very beginning of the phase, which is the commencement of the so-called Age of Aquarius.

The special “king” - to appear “in the sky” - the designation from the translations of Nostradamus’ 1999-prophecy, has been known in the misunderstood and a bit popular version as the “king of horror”; however, as previously mentioned, this star in question has nothing to do with “horror” prophecies.

For instance, this denial was demonstrated, when Tycho Brahe, the leading astronomer and astrologer of the Renaissance, had his observatory founded exactly on the day, when the sun covered this star. And later, that the Greenwich Observatory was also founded on such a day.

In 357 BC a priest astrologer of the temple of Samothrake had the pregnancy of Queen Olympia planned, so that Alexander the Great could be born exactly on the Day of Basiliskos.


The great solar eclipse at August 11, 1999 (situated at, or close to, the star Regulus)
 reflected in the meridian on the church floor of St. Maria degli Angeli in Rome.

Regulus, the King Star - from Greek: Basiliskos - will be in a position on the
border between the constellations of Leo and Virgo during the years 1998-2012.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse

Predictions relating to solar eclipses according to the rules of astrological traditions (for instance of Ptolemy) would talk about changes and upheavals, and this may have been the basis of Nostradamus’ 1999 eclipse prophecies. Many people will understand “upheaval” as something less desirable, troublesome, problematic, and violent. When it occurred simultaneously with an eclipse of this significant star - and linked together with the related phenomena - at the beginning of a new age, it could be understood by tradition as a violent passage to something new, a new era.

If one of the ancient times astrologers had the possibility of teaching his knowledge in present times he might get the idea - based on these old rules - to indicate a connection for instance to one of the world’s leading presidents. In the days close around the former USA-president’s birthday (Bill Clinton) on August 19, 1998, the actual eclipse in question took place on Basiliskos/Regulus - on the threshold of the new age.

Based on his tradition the old astronomer would have interpreted this omen about the leader of the country to be identical with an omen about the faith of the country. Also in this case it would reflect the previously indicated turbulent course of the omen’s duration leading to the next solar eclipse. This being exactly what could be understood here that the selected person in the presidential office thus may have been subject to.

In addition, hell-fire prophets might make a point of the fact that Bill Clinton’s predecessor George H.W. Bush, the resident of the office of the American presidency, now - based on this way of thinking - was to consider being connected with a possible eclipse. In January 1991, exactly during another previous solar eclipse, he had started the gigantic air raid of Baghdad, Capital of Iraq, only a few kilometres from ancient Babylon. And exactly “the destruction of Babylon with fire in the sky” is mentioned in the Bible in the “Revelation of St. John” (17,5) with a broader relation to the “millennium” as an introduction of the huge upheavals of the world.

The solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, covered a belt across Europe - at certain cities and sites.

The Bible and Nostradamus

A famous medieval prophecy is listing the number of popes and making the papal institution terminate after the millennial change. According to this list the terminating pope is expected being the present or the next pope; then a somewhat changed religious order is expected to manifest for the new age.

And with this, many horrible prophesied astronomical accidents in “the Revelation of St. John“ have been interpreted as being for instance meteorite impacts - or the impact of a comet. The way of reading of this horror scenario may have influenced the interpreters of Nostradamus.

Numerous translations and interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies have been published. They have been hot stuff for the media to refer to when something unusual happened and which might also have been felt as threatening. Incredible, what the media made out of the time up till the solar eclipse on August 11, 1999 - the very mark of the new age - by this very year so clearly pointed out by Nostradamus in his prophecies.

According to the myth the Basilisk was so horrible to look at that the spectator died by the very fear.s.

The Horror King

In connection with Nostradamus’ famous prophecy about “the terrible or the horror king in the sky in 1999” nobody had thought of him as an astrologer - as mentioned - with a knowledge of the king star, i.e. Regulus/Basiliskos. That this star name appears with that special meaning as both “horror monster” and “little king” is not at all common knowledge, but has now been pointed out by this investigation.

The Nostradamus words, roy de deffraieur is a special old French spelling of ‘the horrible king’. If the word is changed a tiny bit, e.g. def(f)rayer - meaning something financial, ‘to lend money’, ‘to exempt from expenses’, as well as something entirely different, i.e. ‘to be the subject/matter/entertainment in a conversation’, a new possibility appears. People who have tried to interpret his prophecies have had problems in fitting this in, unless they have suggested a financial world crisis.

Nostradamus mentions “the seventh month” in 1999. As indicated, this may be the Virgo month, i.e. September, according to the old style calendar used in his time. Or according to the new style calendar - introduced in France 16 years after his death - it may be July 1999, from where some violent astrological aspects appeared and were only terminated after the solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, close to the month of September.

Most people did not know a basilisk, but synchronically (and yet independently) in 1999 - initiating
the millennial change by solar eclipses at the star Basiliskos/Regulus - Denmark printed 100 kroner notes
with the basilisk as the motive. (In Denmark the basilisk is the ancient icon of the island of Bornholm)

Prophets of Doom

In the last decade prior to the year 2000 the hell-fire prophets were further supplied by horror imaginations - and now they had been helped by the Internet. Rumour-mongers being addicts of insecurity started to create unnecessary fear by using digital catastrophe-documents to carry alarming international anecdotes put into further circulation in cyberspace.

Nostradamus prophecies are said - in 1998 - to be counted on approx. 10,000 web-sites. Interpretations of his coded prophecies (several kinds, for instance “Paris” spelled as “Sirab”) are being interpreted here, often, however, as misfortunes. Codes were necessary! Lilly, the British Astrologer, described the fire of London in his book a few years prior to the accident in 1666 - by court he was accused of arson (but acquit of it) because he knew its point of time.

Isaac Newton (1642-1727) predicted in his left notes - 4,500 pages written in the course of 50 years - that the world would terminate in 2060, according to his theories on biblical decoding. - And at American universities in 1990ties, some researchers of statistics wrote books about mathematically calculative biblical codes concerning catastrophes after the year 2000’s change of millennium; the books were worldwide sensations.


Age Computing in India

Ancient India imported from the Greek the idea about computing of astrological ages. This Greek export of mathematic know-how started in 320ties BC when Alexander the Great brought Greek scientists on his expedition to India. In Greek mathematical astronomy the stars of great magnitude, like Basiliskos and Spica were used as reference points.

Until recently India has been a precious “living museum” for ancient astrology, which was not technical updated. Spica, the mentioned leading star in the Virgo constellation, was - according to the comprehensive Indian astrological tradition - one of the most important starting points in computing lunar horoscopes, which in India were the most common and often the dominant kind of astrology. And although Spica had not originally - like Basiliskos - been used as a “marker”- sighting point, it gradually in the Indian tradition was more emphasized as a marker for astrological ages, while Basiliskos in this relation became almost forgotten.

Because of the displacement caused by using the star Spica instead, the Indians have the Age of Aquarius begin in a couple of hundred years after year 2000. This is, however, only important to the determination of the initiating year of an astrological age, and it is of no significance - e.g., in relation to Western astronomical tradition - as to computing prognoses in everyday (Indian) astrology. In this tradition is used different fixed points/starting points (ayanamsa). Yet, in ordinary Indian astrology - and here we have the world’s largest group of those versed in astrology - was buzzing in the year 2000 with catastrophe rumours which seemed to have been created by a strong one-sidedness view on the material.

But far away - from another ancient population, i.e. on the American continent - and based on an independent and different computing method, appeared exactly the same result as that of the ancient Western astronomers - which we are about to see.

The Maya interpretation of a solar eclipse: The sun is being swallowed.

Old Maya Astronomers About New Age, - Threshold of the Year 2012

AAlmost 2,000 years ago and, from there, many hundred years ahead, the Maya civilisation of the American continent possessed the most exact astronomy ever known with any historic population - only surpassed in modern times by advanced mathematics and computers.

According to the left Maya records, their omen were based on for instance “events in the past serve as prophecies on future”. This form of omen was founded on the idea that phenomena - and with that: possible additional phenomena - have cyclic appearances. On a larger scale also astrological age - or Platonic ages - are cyclic.

A Maya inscription from approx. 100 AC says “the termination of the world era” occurs at winter solstice on December 21 in the year 2012 (or by to one other translation: the year 2011). But also by to these people - or is the 2000 year old transcription a bit dramatized? - some translators have interpreted it as “the end of the world” - now by devastating earthquakes.

Note, that the very year, 2012, corresponds extremely exactly to the complete Basiliskos/Regulus manifestation of introduction of the new age, which - like previously determined astronomical ages - traditionally is introduced by the solar eclipses at Basiliskos/Regulus in 1998 and 1999 - and will be completely established in 2012.

The Mayas’ astrological-astronomical statement corresponds thus on the whole to the localizing of time of the phenomenon pointed out by Nostradamus. This fact has only now been established precisely, i.e. by astronomical computing methods of modern Western science. Obviously, circumstances like these must be included in the survey of this age concept: the understanding of time/history divided in grand periods of astronomically determined numbers of years - an idea which, as mentioned, was known also in the Western world already in ancient times.

Cycles and Symmetries

The old Mayas made astrological omens based on symmetries in time, subjects, and cyclic incidents. In fact, December 21, 2012, is by the Mayas not the end of the world, but the termination of a huge cycle having started on August 13, 3114 BC. Immediately on the next day a new cycle will start.

The hell-fire prophets pointed to the weather phenomenon El Niño, which made extreme ravage on the globe in the years up to year 2000 - and in particular from 1997 till 1998 - as an omen of “the approach of the last days”. But the weather phenomenon we call El Niño is mentioned in diaries of the Spanish conquerors of Peru in 16th century, and traces of its earlier re-appearances can be measured in deep sediments at the bottom of glacier lakes.

According to Science Magazine (22.01.1999) El Niño can be followed as a cyclic phenomenon at least 1,500 years back; in the last 5,000 years with an interval of two to eight years. However, a weak irregularity can be seen after cutting down of the rain forest, which influence on climatic control.

Maya calendar scheme.

Hopi Prophecies

The Hopis, one of North America’s oldest Indian communities, have protected their ancient rock inscriptions. These are showing omens concerning, for instance, the world “after the great war”, where “evil powers abused the sign of the sun”. Which means Nazi-Germany with the swastika (this sun-glyph was turned opposite in contrast to the old traditions) and Japan, the national (war) flag of which, likewise, showed an sign of the sun.

According to the Hopis, Hopi omens state that in the period after World War II humanity will have a last chance to bring nature and the world into a better balance and to become conscious about this instead of functioning “stupid-mechanical”. Failing this, we shall, in the new age, soon follow the wrong track inevitably, without being able to stop, leading towards the abyss. The omen is understood to include possibilities for alternative results, especially if present generations will listen and change the course.

Nostradamus made several of his prophecies happen at
times related to special cycles of planets.

Fear of New Era?

Ages and millennial changes have always fascinated, although fear of “the last times” often dominated the picture. The Great Synod of Nicaea in 325 was opened with a reading of Vergil’s poem, the “Eclogue 4”, which among other things deals with the great astronomic-cyclic ages.

Hell-fire prophets have appeared through times in connection with unusual astronomical events - often with quotations from the Bible’s the “Revelation of St. John”. For instance about “3 days of darkness to come”, that horrible things will occur, and that wonders will happen. Similar hysteria prevailed early in medieval times, in particular in the year 999 immediately prior to the first millennial change:

- Focus was especially on the Revelation/Apocalypse verse (20,7) about what was going to happen at one thousand years after the birth of Jesus: “When the thousand years have past, Satan will be released from prison”. This, however, was prophesied to take place a thousand years ago - nevertheless the statement is being uncritically used right before the year 2000 as a statement about this new millennium.

Nostradamus’ books with his prophecies
(left: issued 1555, right: edition from Antonie du Rosna, Lyon, November 3, 1557).

Ages and the Change of Millennium

Through times the references to misfortunes have been exploited in similar ways, for example when somebody passes on gossips, which can easily overshadow common ethics about not leading fellow human beings into fear. Although the so often heralded “last times” never came true at the old millennium, the very omen never really disappeared from the public mind. This became the basis of the “removal” of “the Last Day”.

Because when the Last Day did not appear at the expected time (the year 1000), a calculation based on old traditions was taken up. It was said that when the world had been created in six days, it was to dissolve again in the course of exactly six days - i.e. a laterally reversed cycle. However, with the biblical words, “one day for the Lord is like a thousand years for human beings”, this would be corresponding to 6,000 years: therefore devotees of these ideas believed that it took 4,000 years from creation of the world to the times of Jesus, and thereafter just 2,000 years till the end of the world. That is why the Last Day now was removed to that time.

At the year 2000 there is - as mentioned - an extraordinary coincidence between a shift of an astrological age (Platonic year cycle, an average of 2,160 years) and a millennium change. Based on the above calculation, which summed up results in 6,000 years, some hell-fire prophets consider this the end of the world. Consequently, extra considerations were added to the interpretation and to bring the sad messages about it into circulation.

Axis Confusion

Some of the hell-fire prophets seem to have mistaken the “magnetic pole axis” for the axis of the earth and have talked about that the axis of the earth shall reverse!

Further confusion is noted here regarding the change of position of the axis of the earth, which, however, happens all the time, at a very slow speed of only 50 seconds of arc/year. The continuous changing position of the direction of the axis causes that the spring point also will be changing (always “backwards”), and at the millennium it will reach a position on a level with the stars of the Aquarius. From this stems the naming of concept the Age of Aquarius.

In this way the change of position of the axis of the earth can be understood as a change into the Age of Aquarius. This, however, is not the same as the contents of the outrageous proclamations. Now and then these are being published including almost comical misunderstandings like, for instance, “by the new age the axis of the earth will turn upside down, which will cause violent disasters”.

Through history our beautiful globe has been subject to
numerous prophecies about misfortunes and destruction.

Magnetic Judgement Day

The magnetic north pole, which remained fairly steadily positioned in North Canada, began in the late 19th century to move more to the north - and after 1970 with increasing velocity varying from 10 and 20 and gradually up till 60 kilometres a year; some researchers have even mentioned the risk of a turning of the pole after the millennial change.

Normally the magnetic strength varies slightly and have been a bit decreasing during the latest years. Only in case of a turn of the pole, the magnetic strength will in the very phase of the turn decrease to a very huge scale and consequently also diminish the protecting effect against damaging cosmic radiation. Technically seen nothing suggests such an imminence.

Such a horror image can be seen neutralised in more easy terms. With the same concept as is being used to limit the CO2 leak by taxation of the energy consumption, it has been jocularly suggested to tax the purchase of magnets in order to avoid that “too many of these will increase the pressure against the balance of the pole”.

The movements of the magnetic north pole have increased
its velocity especially in the 20th century.

R/D Cheques

The millennial panic includes well-known elements. In Tübingen in 1499, Johannes Stoffler, the Astronomer, published an almanac with planet positions for the next 33 years. By the year 1524 his note says that several planets would get together here in a conjunction in the Sign of Pisces, and that worldwide violent cloudbursts with devastating floods were to be expected.

From the first 25 years after 1499 there are known no less than 133 books and flyleaves in many languages - from Polish to Portuguese: they tell about horrors to be faced by everybody on that occasion. People sold their houses and land, fled into the mountains, some even tried to build a Noah’s Ark. However, 1524 turned out to be the driest of many years.

Through times when special astronomical phenomena were expected, similar reactions would occur - not, however, to the extend mentioned. Yet, as late as in 1910, when Halley’s Comet appeared, endless proclamations of catastrophe prophecies were published, and quacks took the opportunity to sell comet pills “against damaging effects of the comet”.

The latest major concentration of almost all planets in one time, was at February 1962, with a most comprehensive conjunction simultaneously with a solar eclipse in the Sign of Aquarius. And the bad omens were endless as well. In February 1962, KNX, the Vatican radio station, had to pacify the listeners. At that January and February also Time Magazine published 2 articles about the panic. Frightened people in USA bought stocks of tinned goods and cabins in the mountains in order to survive the catastrophe. Cheats among them paid with R/D cheques believing that when the catastrophe became a reality, the banks would hardly be able to cash the debts by the issuers.

A conjunction of planets in the Sign of Pisces in 1524 caused predictions about worldwide,
severe cloudbursts followed by devastating floods. Nevertheless, the year 1524 was the
driest of many years. (pen-and-ink drawing from a Spanish contemporary manuscript).

Computer Black-Out by the Second Coming of Jesus?

Also during the years up till year 2000 and the change into the new millennium, several religious sects started to prepare themselves for the destruction of the world. However, if it was a question of the second coming of Jesus by the millennium - mentioned by many - it was forgotten that Jesus was born at least 4 years prior (in fact 14 years prior) to our calendar, if he was born at the time of King Herod, as this king passed away during Easter in the year 4 BC. Consequently, the second coming of Jesus should have been started before 1996, while “the media were distracted”?

It was happening that sect principals and cult leaders created anxiety in their disciples concerning the new, which was about to commence. Some said that UFOs would pick up the chosen ones - in certain cases “only non-smokers may endure to be admitted”, etc., etc. Others started hoarding. And others declared that some ‘unusual’ weather conditions were a confirmation of the imminent misfortunes.

The Internet contains numerous web-sites on millennial horrors. Psychologists have pointed to an increased number of patients with “millennium-mania”, age stress. Also a fear of black-out of the vital computers of society with their built-in year 2000 problem (basis programmes with too few digits), perhaps causing environmental catastrophes - and maybe uncontrolled, Russian nuclear missiles. Video tapes were published demonstrating how to prepare for the huge millennial chaos.

New Age - Old Idea

The earth and its population are being hit periodically by epidemics and catastrophes of nature or temporary climatic changes - this is often forgotten; for instance Alexander the Great conquered Babylon during a blizzard. And in a wider scale: cyclic, destructive incidents on earth have already been taken place several times - and will happen again. This is a concept known not only by the old Greeks like Heraclitus, Ariatarchus, and Hesiod - but also by Hindus, Buddhists, and Persian Zarathustra disciples, where the idea about the end of the world or upheavals is part of their knowledge. And it is also known in Nordic mythology about the Twilight of the Gods or the Völuspa.

In these narratives and traditions the great upheaval - in a far future - is sometimes presented in a more mythical way, but less hysterical. It may be said in a both serious and humorous way: “The only thing which is permanent, is changes”. To this, however, belongs the fact that the changes seems to concentrated more under some certain periods than other.

Artificial picture of a huge planet conjunction.

Edgar Cayce about the Year 2000

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was known as one of the greatest clairvoyant personalities of the 20th century. Among his more that 14,000 written predictions, several deal with the change of millennium. In the 1930ties he said a number of things about natural catastrophes around the year 2000: extremely severe earthquakes at the west coats of USA, related by floods in Japan and changes in European geography. New York will partly be destroyed in some process, when - according to his own statement - he is “to be re-born” around the year 2100. In the meantime disappeared Atlantis will reappear from the bottom of the sea.

The media have boosted the most violent things - in that business the positive is often regarded as uninteresting, while bad news are valuable news. It seems to partly have been forgotten, that many years after the death of Cayce, other clairvoyant persons have mentioned visions about “changes of the future pattern” - for instance, with another map than the one being dominated by big floods only - as well as other peaceful alternatives to, not least, the scenario of Edgar Cayce.

Clairvoyance And Percentage of Error

Even several famous clairvoyant persons have made millennial suggestions. In other areas some have made predictions several time in succession, which, according to the impression of many people, may be considered as almost having “come true”. But then the clairvoyants had added other prospects in detail of future, which neither at the time nor in future “came true”.

Gordon-Michael Scallion, an American Clairvoyant, claimed to predict a rare size of earthquake and climatic changes leading to - permanent - floods, however, slowly. He saw this as connected to changes of the magnetism or magnetic fields of the earth. Gordon-Michael Scallion, claimed to be able to see, that this may “change our biological cellular structure” (makes them more capable of resistance). He also said that this would be noted at several levels, because human beings will simultaneously “make a giant leap” - which earlier has been claimed also by others.

Contrary to the hell-fire prophets this latter statement may be said to be positive. There are many examples, however, that predicted events have eventually turned out with another, less expected result. In the light of the above suggested “percentage of error” ,clairvoyant forecasts may be difficult to relate to.

Arthur C. Clarke And the Year 2001 - An Expansion

Several so-called prophecies about the present appeared with the invention and the later common use of the computer in the 1980ties and the 1990ties. Arthur C. Clarke, the Science Fiction Writer, anticipated this in his short story, “The Sentinent”, which he elaborated into the book and the movie named “2001” later: in the lunar crater Clavius (very appropriately meaning ‘key’) black, artificial monolith (“big pillar of stone”) has been found. Only when relevant, it can turn on a space-transmitted signal. Namely at the day when inhabitants of the earth have advanced far enough to be at all able to land on the Moon and confront this object and begin to have a kind of understanding of a really larger world.

In his books Clarke has ‘predicted’ important inventions long before anybody at all had thought out such ideas; communication satellites is his most famous invention. They were produced in 1962 - be wrote about them in 1945. He also can use codes - “2001” tells about a space craft with a huge computer which in its “stupid-mechanical” way tries to exterminate the crew. It is named HAL, a name Clarke created by moving the letters of the alphabet one step backwards (c = b, b = a, etc.). HAL, the computer, is here an anagram for IBM.

He particularly used the years 2001 and 2010 (a later book/movie) in the progress of crucial events at the start of a new age, space phase, for humanity, - an expansion. This predictive short story concerns (the year) “2001”, he wrote it as early as in 1948. He dislikes prophecies as well as reports on encounters with UFO people. Nevertheless, he wrote in 1953 the sci-fi-book, “Childhood's End”, about how human beings helped by space people enter into a new age around the year 2000, a new era.

A black monolith similar to the one Arthur C. Clarke has his terrestrial astronauts meet.

Human Beings In A New Situation

In particular a strong ‘pull’ on earth from the entire group of celestial bodies, like it happened, as mentioned, in 1962 - where the sun and the moon caused up till 99 per cent of this influence - created noticeable disturbance on earth. This, for instance, by extreme high tide and indirectly by flood and hurricanes. Among the huge damages in 1962, parts of Hamburg, the big German city, were devastatingly flooded - quite unusual - with high water levels in the streets. But to talk about “the last days”, “worldwide upheavals”, etc., is madness.

Until he fell into disgrace and ended up in a KZ camp, E. Krafft, a Swiss astrologer and Nostradamus interpreter, was used by people from the Hitler staff during the first years of World War II. For centuries the cryptic prophecies of Nostradamus had been interpreted as alarming - in different ways depending on the degree of hysteria of the interpreter. Now it is a fact, that ideas about frightening events concerning 1999 - the year which Nostradamus’ exact pointed out - could have been dismantled, if anybody had taken the trouble to find out what Nostradamus really said based on his also astronomical-astrological background.

It is evident, that our present time differentiates in infinite ways from the past, the many thousand years back, due to new technologies and knowledge - but also to vulnerability in another form. What has happened, been invented, and been made widespread in the latest years revolutionizes everything that is known in previous history.

This leaves humanity and its culture in a completely new situation. And in this sense a new age can easily be understood as being recognised - this also including development of means to mitigate or maybe alleviate possible catastrophes.

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