The Light’s Open Dimension in a New Era

 An introduction to Ulla Runchel’s research of the future

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It is a well known fact that reality often surpasses imagination. Prior to a closer acquaintance, a so far unknown kind of reality may have a shocking effect on those exposed to this experience. 

      At other times the surprise may be of an even pleasant and sublime kind - as Ulla Runchel showed us with “The Crystal Universe”, her previous book (cf. - And with “The Age of Light”, her new book (Universal Growth Publishing, 2004), Ulla Runchel takes us with surprise once more - yes, she absolutely amazes us - by her thorough futuristic information and a long-range grip on to the future world of knowledge.

Not long ago, the Milky Way was considered universal - today, billions of galaxies are known


From One Universal Galaxy To Billions

Is this a knowledge we have previously possessed - in another way, perhaps? Does evolution work as a cycle? Or is it really a matter of a giant leap ahead - here at the entry of the new era of the new millennium? The plausible answer is that progress contains a bit of both, since few basic facts inevitably have been touched on, also in previous eras.

      Ulla Runchel does not deal with historic matters as such, but concentrates on the real wonders of the future. However, as an introduction of perspective to the book, we can for our own sake in order to save us from losing our breath over the present express speed of evolution (it has never accelerated so demandingly fast) - now take a look from our present base, to “where we were” and where, in a not too distant past, we also had a certain advanced knowledge.

      As late as in the mid 1920ties - still at the very early childhood of some of our grandparents - it was common knowledge that the Universe consisted of the Milky Way. However, by means of the new Mount Palomar telescope - the most powerful telescope of that time - the Milky Way was discovered to be one among billions of galaxies. And almost up to the 1970ties a few courageous “spokesmen” were made the laughing-stock if they seriously spoke their opinion: that it was conceiveable that there may be life in other parts of the Universe.

      But then the conviction extended suddenly - today, leading nations use immense fortunes on space researching including searching for signs of life in other worlds. In an amazingly short time and as a direct consequence of this, development of all modern techniques has been immense in all fields - from impressive metallurgy and medical progress to the computers and cell phones possessed by everybody today. A conscious awareness of spiritual facts in line with new human conditions is being launched. In “The Age of Light” Ulla Runchel brings up this important issue and unfolds it in a luminous dimension of insight.


Are some phenomena based on lesser known laws of nature? (From the sky over Mabella, photo: Ulla Runchel).

Discovery of hidden Laws of Nature

In the ancient history of the earliest civilizations of Earth, enigmatic conditions can be found - conditions which could be interpreted as an unusual knowledge as well as certain advanced techniques - but usually declined by today’s experts due to a lack of “natural explanation”. I.e. “natural” at the present stage of these sceptics - the only stage they are familiar with - and thus, to them, the only possible stage. This attitude is also recognized when it comes to the most contemporary ideas!

       First, let a couple of rather simple issues be illustrating examples. They will naturally make room for that experience, e.g. technical knowledge - which was known previously - was lost and sometimes rediscovered, perhaps a bit altered. 3,500 years ago, i.e. 1,000 years prior to Archimedes’ invention of a technically and mathematically advanced water screw pump, the Babylonians used a pump of exactly the same type to transport water up into higher levels. Likewise - on their giant estates in Southern France - the wealthiest of the Romans had a kind of harvester-“machine”, which was forgotten for almost a millennium - and then rediscovered, around the year 1900. Thus, it is inspiring that in “The Age of Light” Ulla Runchel tells us about an invention of a kind of DVD-device based on light, i.e. a special helmet for recording and transmitting images of thoughts - because this project, too, may very well be subject to a “rediscovery” in the future.

      Another example: Several cultures of the early prehistoric times possessed an advanced mathematical knowledge as well as a - today unknown - technical “science” concerning advanced removing of a huge obelisk far away and raise it on its new place. When in the middle of the 19th century - and only a few years prior to the building of the Eiffel Tower (which is the first construction after thousands of years to surpass the Cheops pyramid by height) - efficient French engineers were to remove a 400 tonne granite obelisk from Luxor in Egypt to Paris, France, on a transport vessel - it took 5 years - although modern mechanical lifting capacity was at their disposal.

      So far, it has, likewise, not been possible to find a plausible explanation on the method used by the ancient Egyptians making stone vases out of solid blocks of rock - the interior completely being carved out beneath the narrow neck, a task being technically impossible even today. Although the vases can be seen in several museums, research is continued as if these facts are non-existing.

      We are approaching the point, now. Because in the same way it is rather likely that, today, we do not yet posses knowledge of all laws of nature - for instance, remember the surprise 70 years ago - not yet overcome - upon the discovery of the quantum mechanics, which are beyond all classic laws of physics. Or the latest observations of some so far unknown phenomena in the Universe, now examined on the basis of a superstring theory, while it so far has been quite difficult to establish the theory about the nature of these universal superstrings. However, in prehistoric Middle East it was a well known understanding that “a subordinate law always must resign for a superior law”. In this way a number of such strange phenomena were explained as well as incidents which not likely to had happened according to laws of everyday life. In this book such concealed laws in action are noticed in the sketches of the future.


Recent research makes us conscious about the additionally dimensioned contents of light


A penetrating Future Insight

In this book Ulla Runchel takes us over a considerable distance into a strange, but realistic true world of the future. This is also in another way a difficult achievement, because - as mentioned – development, these years, is racing at an express speed causing many conditions presented in a future scenario, written only for instance two years ago, suddenly to being caught up with in a very few years. Besides, Ulla Runchel has worked together with medical doctors in developing a new apparatus.

      Ulla Runchel describes thoroughly the present growing intensive - and maturing - contact to Cosmos, and about the resonance of Cosmos in our inner Cosmos. And upon a brief return to the above question as to whether previous human civilizations have been at a stage with at least certain advanced conditions - we can see that, for instance, from their knowledge of the stars, there have been a number of far-reaching conceptions concerning the Cosmos. There has been a particular learning about these matters with a lot of alien and incredible insights - partly lost - but now on its way to being re-established to a greater and enlarged extent.

      2,400 years ago, Plato expressed the idea that geometry itself was one of the most important components in the creation of the world; his inspiration was the mathematical, sublime “form of truth” of geometry - in particular the natural geometry, which is part of all crystalline shapes. And Ulla Runchel opens up for a future, where, overall, the superior and simply fascinating leading part is played by the crystals and the connecting highly advanced developed technology.


The special abilities of light-function of the crystals will be a major case concerning future research.

The Hero of the Book is the Light, the Crystal is his Esquire

By the often well functioning method of launching - as fiction - the many and surprising, new issues and progress, our author has made the reader accustomed to the news in an interesting, entertaining and so much softer way than a regular future shock would have exposed the reader to.

      It is incredibly exciting and gripping reading. And the many scientific details, which the book provides us with under the reading process, could very well make the book a reference book for later use. I.e. in order to get explained the new matters of technical and medical science as well as spiritual science - which will apparently catch up with us, soon. (Might the publishers, at the next edition, enclose an index with a useful reference list).

      Expanding, spiritually developed abilities are to be understood in an extended relation. Light and the nature of light are normally described in a technical and, thus, restricting way, whereas this book describes it in an enlarged form comprising a kind of intelligent, spiritual dimension. The name of the book is for a good reason “The Age of Light” - the all containing light from Cosmos, as well as that from our inner selves, is the true main character of the book. The message about light and its media - e.g. superstrings, crystals, etc. - is a great gift from the author to her readers.

      Particularly since the year 2000 and the following years - the new millenium of new times -contemporary technical-physical scientific research as well as medically and spiritually based progress have also taken direction to these vital fields. And the additionally advanced knowledge, now on its way, is being anticipated by a really amazing insight communicated by this fantastic book.


Ulla Runchel: “The Age of Light”, Universal Growth Publishing, 2004  &


Ove von Spaeth

Independent Researcher, Historian, and Author

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Light is all-containing on several levels, which is on its way being seriously examined by science.

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