Bio-Spiritual Evolution 

By Merete Gundersen
Copyright 2008

Soul contact believing bio-chemistry


A Bio-Spiritual Explanation
All imbalances may be the result of intense alterations of the DNA level while we are trying to find the way into our interior, divine core, and while our own interior, divine core is waking up within us.

 Bio-Spiritual Evolution is about the interaction between body, mind, and spirit; all human beings hold this interaction. The interaction also interplays between body, soul, spirit, DNA, as well as all cells.

 One of the leading factors of the interaction is the force of thought, which is always influencing and starting cell activities, which again influence our entire DNA structure. Another factor is the spiritual development during our entire life; this development influences our emotions in harmony with our spiritual development, and this spiritual development influences our entire physical comfort.

 However, it is a fact that everything living is connected via light and this has a major influence on our physical and psychic balance. The physical brain is being believed by our spiritual brain - the spiritual brain is consisting of light and is thus able to activate information in the brain. The spiritual brain is home of the soul, from where superior thinking stems.

 We can get in touch with this thinking, and this contact is a co-ruling factor, when it is a question about balance of the physical body. When thinking ruled by daily routines ceases and it does during meditation, or in our dreams when we sleep, or if we visualize we are in contact with body and spirit, and in this way we are programming or re-programming new life to our cells.

 The starting factor of biological life is the force of thinking and the electro-magnetic light intelligence of the ways of thinking. This factor brings life to the cell and activates it. But also emotions can activate the cell. These aspects can be differentiated into pure survival if the aspect is ONLY controlled by emotions, however, if also controlled by thinking in this case superior thinking - the result is a healthier, bio-chemical environment of our cell activity.


This means that our thinking is a decisive factor in our healthy physical and psychic development.

Light is intensified during meditation; light is invading the brain, and this means that the mind can help sending light into the entire body. Mind means light, and when we meditate all thoughts are peaceful, loving, and homogenising, and built into the most optimal light for development of the cell life. Such thoughts will automatically develop during meditation, but also during visualizing, because a meditative state of mind will automatically lead to contact with the creative mind, which means love.

This means that during honest, peaceful thinking your consciousness will bring about so much peace to the cell that you reach a healthier, bio-chemical environment.  

When via our thinking and our spiritual contact and via meditative conditions we are consciously influencing our entire bio-chemistry, we are also influencing the meridian system in a more balanced energy, so that this will also result in a better health. When we send out light via the mind this is working on cleansing our cell system and our meridian lines, and this activates our spiritual development and creates optimal balance in the physiology of the body. In other words this is a two-way development. 

It is interesting that we are able to improve our health much more than we believe also or perhaps in particular when we have psychic imbalances.

 Meditation, visualizing, and conscious soul contact can reconstruct major parts of our physical and psychic imbalances.


Bio-Spiritual Evolution
Bio/Spiritual is here defied in a model demonstrating the ways to psychic health besides the necessary healthy food vitamin and mineral consumption. Bio/Spiritual is interacting in biology, spirituality, and psychology.


  • Thoughts create emotions
  • Emotions create thoughts
  • Senses create thoughts which create emotions, and emotions create thoughts
  • Soul contact creates emotions which create thoughts which create emotions
  • Thoughts create emotions, senses, and soul contact this controls the bodily bio-chemistry

Psychic health depends on a healthy bio-chemistry of the body and the brain. The healthy bio-chemistry is created and kept alive by healthy thoughts, by good, beautiful emotions, by beauty. However, especially soul contact is important in this connection.

 This soul contact can be achieved by positive and beautiful thoughts, meditation, visualizing, and prayers. Soul contact brings love to the mind, thus being a helping factor in balancing our bio-chemistry.

 Thoughts and soul contact is believing our bio-chemistry.