The Eye of Horus and The Eye of God

By Merete Gundersen
©Copyright 2007



Return to your own kingdom, the kingdom of God

 The Eye of Horus is the same as heaven's eye, an ancient Egyptian symbol that brings good health and protection to everyone.

 It brings healing to the individual but it also teaches us the way to our own inner force of healing and to our inner love and wisdom. When you in a dream or in a meditation have a vision of God’s eye, you return to your own kingdom and you will now have access to divine help healing, wisdom and love.

 Through the eye of God, we can get in touch with our soul; this is simply the way to our soul. It is of very importance for all of us and especially for our own inner self-development, to watch the eye of God. It should tell the individual that he is in divine hands and in the divine custody.


When seeing the eye of God the individual now knows that they are a divine healer and that they heal with the love of God. They are now learning to express their own divinity and they are in the process of integrating the principles of GOD IN ME.



 The wisdom of your own inner kingdom and the wisdom of Good in me are already written down for more than to thousands years ago on the wall of the great pyramid in Egypt and Mexico and in the holly scripts from all over the world.

 Nowadays you don’t have to read the whole wisdom from the ancient’s books to get in touch with the principle of God in me. To day you can get enlightened by following the Divine Matrix through thought-forms, prayers, meditations and visualization. You will through these practices get in contact with the eye of God, your own inner brightness- and the two principles:Your own inner kingdom and God in me.


God in me 

God in me – Me in God
God in you – You in God
God in the universe – The universe in God
God and the universe in me – The Universe and me in God
God and the universe and you in me – In me are the universe, you and God


God's heart in my heart – My heart in God's heart
God's heart in your heart – Your heart in God's heart
 The heart of God in the heart of the universe – The heart of the Universe in the heart of God
The heart of God and the heart of the universe in your heart – In your heart are the heart of God and the heart of the universe
The heart of God, the heart of the Universe and your heart in my heart – In my heart is the heart of the Universe, your heart and God's heart


 By Merete Gundersen © - 2007