SIQ?Amygdala?and the Third Eye

By Merete Gundersen
Copyright? 2007

Activation of Amygdala

When we open up for what we call the third eye, we open up for new dimensions of knowledge and insight.

We open up for this dimension through meditation and visualizing, but first of all by making the brain relax and make it give up normal thinking in grooves. This makes room for the expression of a human being?s inner life. It opens up for an unequalled creativity, expanded intelligence, peace and love, and our super-emotional abilities will be aroused.

This is the entrance to your SIQ ? your spiritual Intelligence.

A hypothesis claims the existence of special consciousness neurones which can be activated by light. Special, specific consciousness neurones become active, however, they have not yet been charted. It is not mainstream neurology, but on a long view this may prove no longer a hypothesis but reality.

Your can activate your conscious from using sad thoughts to used beautiful thoughts by using the method: Clicking your amygdale forward describe by Neil Slade.


But by the same technique you can also activate your spiritual intelligence.

By training for a period you will be able to activate your contact to the electromagnetic field of consciences also called the grid. From her you can catch knowledge to your brain, thoughts of a quite new dimension appears, and they will show you a lot of new inner pictures.

Suddenly you will experience a totally new world of wisdom and insight which will bring you knowledge, peace, happiness and joy.

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Look at- The Amazing Brain Music Adventure, by Neil Slade

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