Expanding Insight 
of Ancient Wisdom
 In the New Millennium


          "... Ove von Spaeth has done the great testpiece of scientific-scholarly research which long since granted him finest completion of 'apprenticeship' - i.e. his re-evaluating treatise on the world's oldest star map, from Egypt *. And after that, he did the very masterpiece by writing his five volumes about the historical Moses **. A hallmark of quality - which also marks his many new-orientating articles ... All, who search, can find an answer in the texts of Ove von Spaeth - everybody can get the most unique and subtle information here. It is not possible to find at many other places such a concentrated knowledge being so easy to grasp and full of wisdom. ..."
         - Merete Gundersen, writer, holistisc SIQ-therapist -
www.livskilden.org  - cf., too,  www.moses-egypt.net 

* publ. in "Centaurus" (42,III, 2000, pp 159-178).  
** title  "Assassinating Moses" (1999-2005).  



     "... Ove von Spaeth enchants us with age-old knowledge rewritten in contemporary language so everyone can participate in following the promising journey of Moses on several levels many thousands of years ago. A masterpiece that simply must be read, and readers will benefit and advance even further by reading it more than once. ..."
- Ulla Runchel, futurologist, writer - www.forvandlingskuglen.webbyen.dk    



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