Gateway to the Hall of Wisdom

By Merete Gundersen©


 Coming home from a vacation in Spain I had a very special experience. I was sitting comfortably in an airplane seat, relaxed and content after a lovely vacation in Fuengirola, where I had have so many wonderful spiritual experiences. I was thinking with gratitude about all the beautiful things I was privileged to experience. I felt very “rich” that all this could happen to me. I also felt very humble towards the vast cosmic powers which lie behind everything and I also felt a little uncertain about not being able to live up to it all.

 I closed my eyes and quietly I shifted into the universe where I quickly got in touch with the loving beings and as always, it was a joyful reunion. I was directed to “fly” to the divine universe which I did in complete silence and full of expectation.

 I arrived at a very big gateway. Above the entrance was written “Divine Wisdom” and on a notice board beside the gateway it said:

 Insight in:

The origin of mankind

The composition of the universe

Atom and frequency energy

 I watched these scripts with great respect. The gateway opened before me and through it I could see the most fantastic dazzling white light. I was told to enter the gateway into this flood of light. They let me know that in here I was on my own and that I should acquire the knowledge available here.

 I felt a sinking feeling of sadness and loneliness in my body, but I also experienced that this was how it had to be.

 I came into this flood of light and I stood there full of awe. Again they let me know that I had to acquire these new capacities and I should expect the path I had to travel to be lonely. I felt this loneliness all through my body and I shed tears. However, I knew that everything was the way it was supposed to be and that I of course would agree to travel this path. I was told that I was to write a book which in some way would make me a public figure. Hereafter I was to write 10 books, volume 1 through 10, about a kind of life philosophy.

 As soon as I agreed to this I was gently guided to a very beautiful cathedral. I was dressed in a simple white coat and asked to enter the cathedral. It was beautifully decorated. I slowly walked down the aisle; the whole cathedral was full of angels, some very big, others smaller. I could hear beautiful music and song and I walked straight to the alter where I was consecrated before the divine, to fulfil this great cosmic work.


 Above my head was a big crown and I was blessed. I agreed to carry out all which I was told and I promised to do it with great humbleness. I walked down the aisle full of happiness and awe.

 After a while I again became present in my airplane seat and a feeling of loneliness and solitude came over me, because I felt I had said yes to a great mouthful. Now I pray everyday to receive the abilities and insight to be able to fulfil these great things, and I have a strong belief that it will come to me when the time is right.

 This experience could also be yours if only you have the desire to work with your spiritual abilities. It will enrich you and expand your whole life, new dimensions will be brought to your life and happiness will smile upon you in abundance.

 The best of luck on your spiritual journey. May light always radiate on you and your work.


Copyright© 2003 Livskilden