The Electromagnetic Light Intelligence of the Mind

By Merete Gundersenę 2003

 When an increased inflow of light into the chambers of the brain has been proceeding for quite some time, it will be easier for the brain to pick up and sort the electromagnetic forms of thought existing all over cosmos.

 The electromagnetic intelligence of the mind is easily accessible all over the atmosphere, but not until the brain is capable of integrating and up-dating these frequencies of intelligence, will they be useful to the individual.



 When man picks up these forms of thought that have been sent first from the soul, then from the spirit, to end at the eternal level of wisdom, man can start reflecting on them. Now the soul can work through each individual and the brain will start to respond. After having worked with forms of thought from the soul, the brain will emit its own impulses of high electromagnetic vibrations to the atmosphere. These electromagnetic light intelligence strings can be picked up by other brains vibrating at the exact same frequency.  It can be brains living and existing on Earth, but also from other intelligences situated outside the sphere of the Earth.

 It is through these forms of intelligence that man develops. When man emits a certain electromagnetic form of thought, another individual will respond on exactly this frequency, and through this attraction, which happens invisibly in cosmos, two people meet to exchange wisdom. This way the individual and unity develops.

 As all wisdom is eternal on the cell string level, it is the development of each individuals brain that decides how much wisdom is accessible. At the same time there is an interplay with the heart frequency of each individual, which decides how tracers are sent from the heart to the brain. For each opening of a heart blade an increased amount of tracers will flow to the brain. A long with the light inflow, it will contribute to activate and develop the brain, thus increasing intelligence and possibilities for each individual and mankind.


Photographic Centers of the Brain



There will not be two people who perceive the same thing in the same way. The chambers of each brain will respond to various electromagnetic light strings and thus attract various forms of thought.

 Many people on Earth respond mostly through the photographic centers in their brain. Not until the inflow of light brings life to the brain through prolonged meditation, and not until the heart blades begin to open by benevolent forms of thought, will man cease using only the photographic halves of the brain.

 The functions of the photographic halves of the brain have been vital for survival through the evolution of mankind. It is through the functions of the photographic brain that we learn how to live and survive in very primitive societies. Bringing the chambers of the brain to life has been increasing through the entire evolution of mankind, but it has been a gradual development over thousands of years. 

 At school, children have been and are currently taught primarily to use the photographic frequencies of the brain. When we teach our children to work with their love vibration and when we teach them to meditate they will increase their electromagnetic thought frequencies, transmitting signals to and  from the brain.

 The frequencies in the photographic brain can only reflect on that which is acquired through outer sight and through feeling. Children try to accommodate their surroundings by using a form of self programming which they always can apply at their convenience. This way they can act appropriately, never having to give thought to their surroundings.

 With mediation some quite different biochemical processes take place. When the body is at rest and the photographic brain is disconnected, the receiving crystalline particles of the cerebral cortex are activated and the brain can now start to draw larger and larger quantities of electromagnetic light into the brain. This will activate different electrodes of the cerebral cortex and children become capable of contacting different layers of consciousness for learning.

 The Function of the Brain in the Past and in the Future

 As for the highly developed human races of previous times, at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, the brains of mankind were not developed in the same way as today. Then, communication took place by direct light contact with their divine guides and masters, who they were able to contact through pyramidal energy.  You can say that contact was established through pure crystal or diamond energy.

 Light inflow into the temples and pyramids was lead from the divine kingdom directly to the highly developed priests, priestesses and other highly developed people. They received wisdom and learning in order to develop their kingdoms in the most divine way to the delight and benefit of all people at that time.


Painting by Birgitte Fich  Denmark

 The people of the future will respond to electromagnetic forms of thought and to the photographic function of the brain. They will also be capable of responding directly through light energy to the divine source of each individual.

 It is through this future development that we shall see Paradise conditions on Earth. Because with these three ways of combining forms of thought, a human evolution will take place which will surpass all of our wishes and dreams.

 The opening of the heart blades begins through the activity of the photographic brain. Slowly but surely the heart blades develop through electromagnetic light intelligence to the receipt of pure divine energy inflow to the brain chambers. When all 3 parts have been experienced and integrated, humanity and life on Earth will start to belong to the kingdoms of the creative gods and revolutionary progress will happen for humanity. Belonging to the kingdoms of the creative gods will open up for more peace and love on Earth and anything that lives and moves on, in and around the Earth.

 When love in humanity has been raised and the wisdom of the creative gods is accessible, we shall reach out past the layers of consciousness of Earth, and wisdom from other planets, comets and solar systems will flow to us.

 We shall be acquainted with the inhabitants of other highly developed areas of our solar system and the people of the future will come to look like the inhabitants of the more ethereal and luminous kingdoms. We shall travel through time and space by the electromagnetic light frequency of thought and we shall consciously be able to experience the existence of the ethereal kingdoms on Earth.

 When forms of thought can reach out past the atmosphere of the Earth, the individual may experience himself as more aspects, as living and being in the solar system. Information from these higher aspects, which are also brought to life by intelligence light strings, can be received.

 Together with the inner spectrometric visual angle of the eye the brain waves can see out in cosmos and pick up the sight of these higher aspects. The inner spectrometric capacity of the eye has been developed like the many facets seen in a cut diamond, so that the cosmic developed human will be able to see out into cosmos through these facets.

 At this time the human eye is also developed to see from the photographic aspect. But when the heart blades are opened, the inner spectrometric eye is opened and the sight will be much wider humanity.

 The development for humanity goes through the heart, the consciousness, the brain, the glands and sight. When all these things have been fully developed, the cosmic divine man occurs who is known by his pure divine qualities.


Copyrightę 2003 Livskilden