Astrology of a new age

By Merete Gundersen

      When man has reached the translucent sight on the spiritual plane, he will be able to work with astrology in a whole new way. Man will then have access to the planets, moons, stars and solar systems cities. People will be able to go on cosmic journeys into the universe and pick up far more knowledge than we today are getting from the traditional astrology.

      Today, when we look at planets, stars and so forth with traditional astrology eyes, all this is seen and observed from below. With the new time astrological glasses all will now be observed with a cosmic sight which is to say that astrology should be used from above and out from the cosmos, so you now look down on Earth from above, both spiritually but also seen with astronomy glasses. It will give a whole new mobility in the astrological level.

      When mobility becomes an everyday thing via space travel astrology and astronomy will flow together as two equal sciences. Astronomy will decipher what the human race can pick up of knowledge and wisdom from the atomic processes that occur on different planets and stars. What substances may we retrieve from the planets and stars, and what can we do with them. It may be, for example, cures of various new types of viruses or new types of diseases that have come and will come to mankind in the future.

      Astrology and astronomy will be one science which works on the psychological and medical aspects of human development. It requires that the astrologer steps forward and dare growing mature and really work on development for the benefit of innovation and future thinking. This will require that astrology dare step into the real world of science and have its theories, techniques and ancient knowledge become part of modern science.

      There are psychological aspects in the astrology which can be used to date the various health imbalances in the human body, and there are several aspects that may point to inadequate psychological patterns which are embedded in the signs, and this can therefore be used much more preventive than one imagines it today. The greatest potential which is not so much used in astrology is the esoteric astrology which can map how the individual's spiritual development has been and will be from the past and in present and future.

      If astrology’s people do not themselves want to be involved in developing what we might call the astrology of a new age, it will become extinct in a few generations, and will only be used as a "parlor game".

      This will be a great pity, because astrology holds the answers to many cosmic secrets that can be exploited if astrology dare and will step into the world of science. In the past, astronomy and astrology fused together into a whole, and it is this which again must be  the goal of developing new aspects and new calculations of the astrological worldview.

      Astrology’s calculations of stellar constellations could help to predict how people
will develop. If astrology scientifically begins to calculate and set calculations for light refractions and the light’s emitted frequency against humanity, the astrology of a new age would see the light of day.


      These calculations will be breaking down the barrier placed between astronomy and astrology, and they will bring the innovation that takes to get the next step further.

      There should not be a barrier here, but there should - as a natural development - emerge a scientific interaction between these two branches of wisdom. All for the enjoyment and benefit of the development of humanity on planet Earth.

      It is extremely important that such a merger will take place, as we before too many years start space traveling to distant star constellations, and maybe we will come to
inhabit other planets and here the knowledge that we in a given case could acquire
through astrology will be to our benefit.


      The astro-biological scientist Dirk Schulze-Makuch from The University of Texas at el Paso has put forward the theory that there is water on the planet Venus and that fact in this case could form the basis of life on the planet. At least one form of biological life is not necessarily intelligent life. Dirk Schulze-Makuch’s theory is based on the discovery of water in small quantities on the planet. The theory has been presented at the Second European Workshop in Astrobiology in Graz, Austria.


      However, there are very high temperatures on Venus, but here on Earth is known the existence of biological creatures that live in extremely high temperatures in the water from underwater volcanoes, so if it anyway should prove true that there could be some special form of life on Venus, we might not long from now possibly land on the planet and occupy it.


      During such development it is important that astrology has been into research and here further on with the exploration of what it means when we experience the unique structure found on and around Venus, and by this being able to map what this background signifies from the perspective of astrology worldview.

      If we imagine that there is a human development within the area of astrology in terms of being able to read people's life course through the spiritual spectra of the human brain, which in turn is in some relation to the stellar constellations, the astrology must necessarily in many ways take part in modern research so that we can bring enlightenment within the fields, we all know works. Therefore, the future will bring much new to both astronomy and astrology if these again merge as united research, or at least as equivalent research units to illuminate the evolution of the universe and of mankind.


      If the astrologer will join the ranks of research and that will be included as a subject of research at the universities, much new will show in the future, and the NEW TIME Astrology will see the light of day.

Merete Gundersen,
author, holistic SIQ-therapist, lecturer  -
(author also of the book series, "The Spiritual Man", 2004) 

Copyright© 2003 Livskilden


Translated in English by OVE VON SPAETH 
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