Joshua Shapiro
The mysterious chrystal skulls

Martin Brofman
2. Accepting Your Healing
3. Vision as a Metaphor
4. Healing and Transformation
5. Owning Your Power
7. Your Body Is A Mirror Of Your Life

 Merete Gundersen
16. Astrology of a new age

23. Knowledge of Reincarnation
26.  Atomic processes of consciousness
27.  Development of biochemical light in the chakras
28.  The Electromagnetic Light Intelligence of   the Mind
29.  Gateway to the Hall of Wisdom
31. Expanding Insight  of Ancient     Wisdom In the New Millennium
33. A Spiritual Journey Began Back in 1995 34.
Cosmic Clairvoyance, a Magnificent Gift
44. You are what you are thinking, and what you surround you with
45. Intelligence and evolution
49.  Knowledge of reincarnation
56. SIQ–Amygdala–and the Third Eye
57. Pyramid Structure 
61. The Eye of Horus and The Eye of God
64.  Bio-Spiritual Evolution


Ove von Spaeth
2.  The Knights Templar's Knowledge from Egypt
Star Knowledge from Ancient Egypt
4.  The Pyramid in the sky - and the World-axis
5.  Tracing the Moses Heritage From Egypt
6.  Science Myths and Historical Facts
7.  The Suppressed Record

8.  The Stars, Yoga Sutras, and the Initiated
9c.  Religion’s Lost Dimension

11. The Lion’s  Heart 
12. Pattern,Universe and Ancient Knowledge
15. The Light’s Open Dimension in a New Era
17. The Science And the Historical Moses
18. Nostradamus - And the New Millennium
A genius of the highest order

21. The Entrance Into the Knowledge of All ExistingThings
24. Tycho Brahe and the Basilisk
25. Uraniborg and Greenwich- the Same Basilisk Tradition
26  New Life and Meaning into the Study of History of Reglion.
27. The Basilisk, Newton, and Astronomer Royal

8. Regents, Admirals - and the Royal Astrologers 
29. Surveying the book-series about historical Moses
The Knights Templar and Moses’ Hidden Treasure

32. Moses’ High Egyptian Status as Access to Knowledge
33. Bank of Metaphysic Knowledge
34. Time-twins

35. Basiliscus Among  the Four Royal Stars
The Royal-Star Basiliscus in the Initiation Teachings
37. Star Tradition from a Mysterious Past
38. Lost Stars and Lost Continents
The Pleiades and the idea of Atlantis

The Light in the Universe
44. Knights Templar searching Middle East for secret knowledge
46. Searching the Ark of Covenant
47. Clairoyants referring to Atlantis and Lemuria
Neglecting knowledge of the past and the ideas of 'vicarious sacrifice'
50. Star-knowledge was included in the philosophy study at Europe's universities
51.  ASTROLOGY quotes  -  by Shakespeare


Peter Fich
3. The Avatar of Synthesis
About The Great Invocation

Phil Hansford
Thought forms and spirit

2. 20 Signs of possible close extraterrestrial encounter
3. The various kinds of star visitors
4. 42 Signs That a Child May Be a Star Kid

Ulla Runchel
5.   The cosmic egg
6a. The Mystery of Crop Circles
15a. The Crystal Children

25.  Photon Energy
34. The blue dot.
Timeis Energywhich is constant

42.   The Cosmic Cross
47.   Building Bridges
50. Star born
52. ThE Diamond self healing light Therapy
The Master Mind Teleportation Technique
55. Wondering
56. We are all coming from the same source, and then everything stopped
57. You find out we have to use the resources of the universe that we can live well on our small planet.
58. The Silver
59. To dare to be themselves
60. A trip to France, Saint Emilion
61. Black holes
62. The invisible Force: Self-Healing
63.  On theCrystal Universe